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This is how you protest.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbied, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. lol, wouldn't want to try that in Australia...
  2. Yeah, you'd be branded a hoon and get your bike impounded.
  3. a few weeks ago, just near Warwick in WLD, about 30 IDENTICAL Black Suzuki M109's came over a hill.
    a police car with flashing lights pulled them over, skidding to a stop, with 2 wheels in the dirt and 2 on the road, the driver driving with one hand, waving with the other!. But we were riding in an unsafe manner!.

    He pointed out ONE rider for a ticket suggesting he had a clear idea which bike it was.

    When we all stopped, there were bikes everywhere, we did not stop in a line, shuffling up the order of the bikes.

    He simply selected one at the front and wrote him a ticket. If they wanted to select you, you could not argue. Here in Australia, their word apparently counts as more credible than 30 citizens words.

    Whilst I would attend such a protest here (and encourage it) I would not be in the front row. It would also be used against us at any opportunity.

    But what a spectacle it would be!