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This is how you fix a Suzuki Across

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Daniel Across, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. So I am the owner of a 1996 Suzuki Across and my name is Daniel, I am a new rider

    Anyway I see a lot of members having trouble with starting the bike, fuel leaking out from the carb, etc...
    Well today I love to share with my how to fix this bike since honestly, it is a unique machine.
    Lets go through a few things with this bike first.
    1. It is a rare 250cc 4 cylinder bike that can rev up to 18000 rpm. yes you have to rev this bike hard like 1st gear can go up to 50km/h and 10000 rpm. Correct me if I am wrong :)
    2. It screamsssss with just that stock exhaust. I dont know how it does it =_= but it does
    3. The fuel tank is at a weird position
    4. It has a fuel pump which does its job super quick

    Ok lets get back to the problem. So everytime you turn the bike on, the fuel pump will obviously pump heaps fuel into the carbs and thats when you guys have trouble starting the bike.
    I did not know it in the 1st place so I took the whole fairing off, cleaned the carbs, checked everything and the fuel still leaked. Why? simple, the carb was flooded with fuel.

    1. Please turn off the petcock/fuel tap when you park your bike for more than 5 minutes. JUST DO IT!!!!

    2. When you start the bike, make sure the valve is still off, let the engine warm up for about 2 minutes then turn the valve on. That way, the carb wont be flooded with fuel. Just make sure you turn it on before taking off

    3. Don't ever use the choke on this bike unless it is winter and super cold, otherwise the carb will be flooded by the strong fuel pump on this bike

    4. Don't turn the engine on and off, on and off. When u turn it on u have to start it because once it's on, the pump will automatically pump fuel into the carb.

    Thank you, I hope I just helped Across owners a little bit :)
    I live in brisbane, would be nice if all across owners can catch up sometimes.


  2. I think there is something further wrong with the fuel system on your bike.

    I owned the same model back in 1999 and did not have any of the issues you are describing. I'd start with checking all the breather hoses. if one is blocked this could cause expanding fuel in the float chamber to over flow into the intake manifold causing flooding.

    on another note if anyone experiences any flat spots between idle and redline there are small plastic/nylon clips (for lack of a better word) on top of the carbs that wear with use that cause this, its literally a $4 and 1hr fix.

    The Across is a fantastic little bike, I loved mine, used to ride 2up with girlfriends and it still went hard. The luggage compartment where the fuel tank should be is excellent and the bike has a very low centre of gravity and feels very light. It's great for commuting and still very sporty.
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  3. I'm thinking the needle and seats may have been crook, as it's their job to shut off the flow of fuel when the carby bowls are full.

    Are we still talking about the bike here iClintiClint ? :sneaky:

    BTW, welcome Daniel :D
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  4. Yep my mechanic said the same thing, this guy is an awesome and independent mechanic, he taught me how to service a bike as well so when I am good, i dont have to come to him no more.
    But yeah since I told him that I will upgrade in 8 months, there is no need to put heaps money into this bike now, just ride it, enjoy it.

    I think it is since the previous owner has dropped this bike many times, thats why I got it for cheap, 38000kms for 1800 dollars. So i am just gonna keep it this way, save money for a Honda CB919 next year :)
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    i had the same sounding problem. for mine it was the o ring around the needle n seat was allowing fuel to pass without being shut off by the needle.
    also theres a guy up near you that runs a forum 2fiftycc that could really help you out with knowing your machine better
  6. Needle and seat? ok I have to mention this to my mechanic at the next service :) thats brilliant.
    Learn new things everyday, to be honest with u guys I do not know much about bikes, just started hahaha
    Not long now I be a motorcycle police officer and I promise I be nice :)
  7. your mechanic should already know about this, but it cant hurt to let him know that you know a few things. it helps to reduce being ripped off.
    good luck with being a motorcycle cop (y)
  8. If you are having issues with flooding / too rich, you need to check the carb pilot screws - find the specs in the service manual. The pilot screws influence the fueling throughout the entire rev range, it's very important that they are set correctly. Too rich and you will have bogging, stalling, lumpyness, unresponsive throttle and huge fuel consumption.