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This is how to wreck an '05 R6...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Gravvy, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. What did he do wrong?

    a) Paniced, and then jumped on the front brake HARD

    b) Totaly misjudged entry speed and bike positioning for the corner

    c) Lacked the skill to just lean the bike over further to take the corner

    d) All of the above

    R6 Crash

    I feel for the guy but I must admit, I found it quite funny when the first word that comes out of his mouth echoes what we all have said at one time in a similar situation.

  2. I'd guess:


    Which was probably caused by being distracted, possibly by watching his buddy instead of the corner.

    Cool vid by the way.
  3. Yeah, id say he was either watching something on the side of the road... or watching his mate in front of him. Either way, didn't look like any loss of traction whilst he was on the black top.

    Ouch, poor bike.
  4. Yeah, he's thinking "got to catch him up, so the vid looks good" and he's watching where his mate is up the road (and getting further up the road) and not where he's going.

    AMAZING, though, how can you front-end crash a bike that thoroughly and not break off either of the mirrors?????
  5. Looks like a classic case of target fixation to me.

    "Look where you want to go, not where you don't!"
  6. Geez they break pretty easily don't they :?

    He was only doing about 65 in that crash and the bikes fcuked, I better get my full comp ASAP or I migt be in trouble as I hear my bike crashes up pretty easily too.
  7. He wasn't watching his lines.

    On the last righthander they took, his mate holds his line and is out wide enough to the right to peel back into the lefthander, the camera bike lets himself drift to the left while still cranked over to right, there is no way he was about to pull the bike back over to the left to take the lefthander.

    65 in the USA is 110 kph here

  8. I just can't stop watching this video :p such a reminder of what can happen...

    Does anyone else have a clip similar?
  9. Don't crash and wear gear rolf
  10. I like his message at the end:

    "Wear your gear
    If I didn't wear mine,
    you wouldn't be watching
    this video."

    Yes we would, it just wouldn't have been him that posted it.

  11. It seems that the previous corner put him wide giving him an early entry to the left hander, coupled with too high an entry speed due to poor judgement, he actually accelerates slightly coming out of the right which I guess means he was looking far enough ahead.

    So I reckon it was a case of "premature acceleration".

    (See a Doctor or pharmacist if you suffer from this disease.... :D :D )
  12. I love it!, can I use that quote or did you copyright it?

    As you guys rightly mention, this is a good example why you should be looking at the corners apex and setting entry speed, not looking at how fast your mate is going through the corner, your mate might have more skills or better tyres than you, or you mate might have no idea himself! Blind leading the blind...
  13. Shoulda watched the Goldwing video first on how to ride bends
    What did he do wrong??
    Climbing on a bike in the first place :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Looks like our recent 300kmh/Monash/pink trike troll :LOL: :LOL:
  14. He wasnt accelerating, moving all the weight to the front of the bike...

    then I think he hit the brakes hard...

    Hard to tell really.... bet he learned from it...
  15. I don't wanna look! :(
  16. Bingo.....other than the very first corner after the straight he wasn't coming in from out wide and dropping into the corner. Dropped in way to early on all corners.

    But riding an R6 with a number place of OHFACE, what can you expect.
  17. Indeed... those corners look waaaaaayyy open, and he's only carrying 70mph or so into them. Takes a pretty special kind of numpty to stuff that up.
  18. Hehe..I rememeber when he posted that on the R6 forum....can't remember his story - but he admited he fooked up....

  19. Closer to 105, but you're right anyway. I agree - lines weren't right... and if he wanted to jump on the brakes, he was way, way, way too late to do it. Inexperienced? Hard to say... but his riding wasn't a prime example of skilll... even a newbie like me can pick that! :p
  20. Looks like he threw a lot of money at the bike.....a few coins on training or even reading a little would have saved him quite a few of those $