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This is getting beyond a joke

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Ok for the 3rd time in as many months we find our selfs in a big wet and, although we 'technically' didn't get flooded in this time [ but the dirt roads are all such a quagmire no one is going anywhere, lest we chop them up prematurely before we have to use them for the working week ] :?

    We are supposed to be in our dry season, but since we moved here the weather has almost been identical to Melb's just slightly warmer.

    The weather isn't the only issue,
    Employers up here are in a league all there own, they want city productivity and results with substandard equipment and you have to fight for every cent you earn Even standard award allowances
    I would be at least $12 an hr better off for doing the same job in Melb, and Nadeen would be about $8 an hr better off.

    I like three of my neighbors are seriously thinking of selling up and moving back to one of the big smokes :shock: in the next year or so once the housing market picks up!
    We all moved here around the same time and are all going through the same crap.

    So don't be surprised if you all see myself and Nadeen at a coffee night again in Melb in the future
    :? :LOL:

    Sorry for the rant, but stuck at home again all w/end gets you thinking too much, and it's too early to have a real drink yet :LOL:

  2. If you don't mind cold weather, and like the semi-rural life, may I suggest you consider the northern part of Tasmania? Especially the area south of Devonport, heading down towards Deloraine/Mole Creek/Sheffield.

    As far as the delightful weather you are experiencing in Coffs - Google "Indian Ocean Dipole" ....... it will go some way to explaining why Coffs is wet and Melbourne is bone dry.
  3. Well I did find Yolla quite tempting when I rode through there a few months ago.
  4. or you could google "East Coast Low"
    think that might be little more relevant.
  5. Wash your mouth out!
  6. Well the sun should be over the yardarm now :twisted:

    Consider my mouth washed out with Sambuca :)
  7. With scotch, preferably.
  8. A drinking Thread YAY! :woot: I want some of what you're having or bourbon.

    Feel free to Rant. We're here for ya man. :cool:
  9. Nah scotch is just like drinking water to me now :( :LOL:
  10. So that would be 8 glasses a day?? :?
  11. ^^^^^ :rofl:

    Nah I've drunk that much of the stuff over the years that it now has the same effect as drinking water :wink:
  12. :busting: Got ya :oops: :wink:
  13. G'day everyone,....

    If its not,...

    Move the Yardarm!
    :grin: :p

    Dr Who?
  14. Ohhhhh yeeeeaaahhhhhhh!!!! my kinda thread!!!! *hic* :beer:
  15. I hear ya Bob, i found the same thing with 'regular' bourbon like Jim Beam and Cougar. All it's good for IS mouth wash. But I've since discovered Wild Turkey, and it has a decent kick to it.

    Problem is once you've been mixing your own at home, buying one over the bar just doesn't cut it.
  16. Not so far as explaining the long term trend goes.
  17. bob, i think that you need to move back to Melb, the town with no rain.
  18. And where did he say it has been a long term trend?
    ECL's come and go randomly, though more often in winter. Will lay down buckets of water and then walk out on you, leaving you alone, naked and ashamed. Area's close to epicentre can experience severe flash flooding, as Bob found the first time it hit.

    The IOD does seem to explain differences in weather on a yearly (or so) scale, but doesnt explain why mid coast gets rain and melb none. it explains why South africa gets rain and East Aus none (or vice versa).

    Anyway, So you're stuck at home with your wife with nothing to do all weekend, and you're bored? :? :?
  19. Chef - What took you so long. :wink: (tick off D/D list?) Haha!

    Over the bar cuts most everything - like taste & quality. :(
  20. Actually i stumbled across it quite by accident... (it's a long story)
    ...and then i stumbled home, stumbled in the front door and stumbled off to bed.

    But hey, now that I've found it I'm in the process of turning my friends onto it. That's also on the tick list :wink:

    We lined up outside a bar the other night only to make it three metres from the door before the bouncers told us they wouldn't let people wearing motorcycle gear in. :mad:

    * Lining up
    * No smoking inside
    * Getting glassed by a tool
    * Crap security
    * Crap expensive drinks

    I don't miss it much.