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This is FUN! (mostly)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by charlesflies, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Got my L's: course last weekend, permit on Monday :) . Got the bike at Easter (booked my L course then- long waiting times!) :mad: : Blue VTR250, 13000km :grin: . Since Easter I've just toddled slowly around our loop driveway (gravel): new bike/jacket/boots/helmet screams "where's your L-plate?".

    So Monday PM, go to start the bike, first time in three weeks: wont start, presume I flooded it. Run battery flat. :( :oops: Charge battery, still won't start tuesday :roll: . Pull plugs out Wednesday, clean black crap off.

    Bike starts :) Take it to work: on freeway , 100km/h (oops, back to eighty, don't want to lose license already), Mt Barker Rd twisties (slowly), traffic (not as scary as I expected, but I did commute for years on a pushbike). Dark and Fog on the way home: not _as much_ fun, but still fun. Walking into house, the sensor light didn't pick me up: jacket and helmet must have been cold. Dog comes around corner, wagging tail because I'm home...then stops. WhoTF is that in helmet etc?!! Crouch, BARK (35kg ridgeback) until she heard my voice, then wags again.

    This Bike stuff is fun, glad I've finally done it.


  2. Oh sorry: Hi, new member, etc.

    38, mid life crisis, always wanted to ride, used to at uni, just never got a license, haven't ridden for 15 years......
  3. Not a mid-life crisis, a mid-life re-discovery..

    Once you've ridden, I don't think you ever get it out of your system; as much as you 'block out' the bikes riding by, a little voice somewhere back there is always saying "Remember that???......"

    Welcome the forum, and the rediscovered joys of motoring on two wheels......
  4. awe!.. how cute!... (the dog.... dnot get your hopes up .. hehehe jokes)

    warm welcomes :)
  5. LOL @ what's replaced Hornet's helmets.... :LOL:

    Congrats on making it to 10,000 old sausage.
  6. Ye gods, I'm helmetless, does this mean I can no longer ride? :LOL:

    Thanks, Loz, appreciate your good wishes (and I still want a ride on the BIG Hornet when I come down for the Netrider Dinner :grin: )
  7. Welcome and good to have another blue VTR250 on Adelaide's roads ;)
  8. Mate welcome back to biking - a tip for you. Mary Lou at Garage Motorcycles in Strath holds excellent courses for people who need a refresher course in biking. I took it a while back and got good mileage out of it. I think it was about 70 Dollars
  9. Thanks, I'll think about it.

    Yeah Emsie, nice bike. Nicer than the CBF at Ridersafe. Comfortable and fun so far.

  10. Welcome, i'l probably see you round adelaide, just got my L's the other week and just purchased a gpx250 today from boltons, i pickit up saturday.
  11. Dogs are amazing, can smell and hear you from ten miles away but put your bike gear on and they're like WTF? :grin: