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This is Frazier Crane, I'm listening SEATTLE!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Jan 18, 2007.

    The Netrider forum, I believe after the demise of the NADS thread, is in need of a thread that can deal with all sorts of problems that can arise in our lives.
    Frazier Crane has asked, if you don't like the "rules", please just skip over and post elsewhere, as a lot of people got a lot of positive help from the NADS thread and help is always on offer!
    Also All welcome to post with no predjudice as some of the topics can be quite emotional!

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    Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 5:57 pm Post subject:

    seeing as this is our naughty little thread where hijacking is kinda accepted and we all get a giggle between hard times, i thought i would pre-warn you guys .........................................................etc etc

    "un vato loco"

    look at me, im CRAZY

    Fraziers Rules! (in the tradition of the show!)
    1.If you want to raise a heavy topic for help and reaching out, please feel free! I know this may be open house, but the way NADS developed, it showed that a thread is needed to discuss/help many heavy subject within the one place!
    2. If you want to meander off topic, again feel free, unless someone post a serious issue and the thread will immeadiatley return to offer support!
    3. If you want to chatter, again feel free, unless you think it is personal and no one else can get any humour and then go to PM and again if a serious issue arises, we go immeadiatly to topic. Don't for get that a lot of people can get some enjoyment from what others chatter about. Again if you don't like it, just move on......other do!
    4. If a bit of chatter becomes flirty, don't complain as this may be "mentally beneficial" for someones situation.
    5. In addition to above, "Frazier" is a comedy and all humour is welcome
    as long as it is not detrimental to someone else's problem.

    I hope, with help from EVERYONE that we can help with support to the people out there that can benefit from such a thread.
    We are not here to fight each other, but to support.
    If you want to fight, go straight to PM (but lets not!)

    Good night seattle!
  2. FiRsT PoSt!1! :D


    Shall we start on mormons?

    What are peoples opinions about mormons door-knocking and trying to convert people and change their beliefs?

    I had this discussion with a few friends last night,

    And although the mormons themselves think they're doing everyone else a favour, and have to do it as part of their service or something, and believe whole heartedly that their religion is 'the' religion..

    We agreed last night that it's still rude and inconsiderate to try and push your beliefs onto other people.


    (Or, have I got the wrong idea about this thread?)
  3. Oh Frazier I love you! :grin:
    As you would have read on the happy thread... I am really happy today. But I can tell you that the demise of the NADS thread (and in particular- the way it it was ended with certain peoples posts deleted ) made me really really miserable for a few days.
    People are individuals, each with their own personality. The world would suck big-time otherwise.
    Dr Frazier Crane...Welcome to the building! :LOL: :cool:
  4. Mormons? Where shall we start?

    First of all, the earnest young American men who accost you in the street or knock on your door are not doing it because they want to, they are doing it because they have to; it is part of their path to true membership of the RCJCLDS (Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints) to do this compulsory 2 year 'missionary' work. That's why they may be very earnest, but they are hardly ever that enthusiastic.

    Sadly they are duped by a sinister and powerful religious organisation, which outwardly portrays a wholesome, family image, but who's history and present manifestations is anything but. For them, though, the prospect of living on their own private planet in the afterlife, begetting hundreds of spirit children by means of their many wives, is a powerful drawcard.....

    But as far as their right to come to your door, well anyone else can too, and you have the right to refuse them discussion, or entry to the house, as you do with anyone else.

    {And who is Frazier Crane???}
  5. I don't know whether or not you've got the wrong idea, but we might as well start somewhere. I'm sure new topics will appear in due course, as intended in the thread information.

    So, on to the Mormons (and I'll also include the Jehovah's Witnesses here). I agree that it's rude and inconsiderate to try to push your beliefs onto other people, but is this really what the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses do?

    I'm not religious myself, but I have known several Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses quite well. Not one of those people ever tried to convert me. The only time any of them have ever knocked on my door it has been purely social.

    I have had other Mormons and Witnesses come to my door while doing their rounds. But even then I can say that none of them have tried to push their beliefs on to me. Every encounter I've had of that type has gone pretty much the same:

    Doorknocker: "Hi, we're from <insert church here>. Do you have a few minutes to hear about the message of God/Jesus/other?"

    Me: "No, thanks. Not really interested."

    DK: "Are you sure?"

    Me: "Yeh, I'm sure. Thanks all the same. Have a good day."

    DK: "OK, you too. 'Bye"

    Maybe I've been lucky and every other Mormon & Witness is much more agressive. But I've encountered each group more than once, so I think my experiences are fairly typical. They come to your door asking whether you'd like to hear their message. If you tell them "No" politely then they go on their way. I don't consider that to be pushing their beliefs on to me, or in any way rude.
  6. Paul:
    TV show starring Kelsey Grammar who plays wealthy radio-psychologist to the masses.

    ... and Daphne has the hottest west country accent EVER.
  7. It sure beats the hell out of Vicki Pollard's
  8. British accents can sound fantastic or they can sound absolutely horrible.

    I would give anything to hear Kate Beckinsale have a conversation with Elizabeth Hurley :eek:

    ... while they cook me breakfast :grin:
  9. I have a good friend who's a Mormon, but when I first met him he had already completed his "mission" (in Italy!) so wasn't interested in trying to convert anyone.

    A Jehova Witness I know however will try to convert anyone!

    Anyone that comes door knocking though, whether it be for religious or sales reasons, never get a word out here. As soon as I see them with a name tag or a clipboard, I get in forst telling them I don't approve of door-knocking and slam the door in their face.

    One sales guy I did that to called out "But you don't even know what I'm selling!"

    "I don't care!" I replied.

    The funniest thing I ever heard though was a ...shall we call it a discussion..... that my father had with a Jehovas Witness that came to our door when I was a kid. Dad had told him to bugger off and not to try and sell anything to him.

    "But I'm not selling anything!"

    "You're selling your religion....." followed by a lesson in debating a point by my father.

    :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Yes, please. :grin: Can we add Rhona Mitra to the list as well?
  11. A good thing to ask Jehovah's Witnesses [who believe that there is a limited number of places in heaven] is

    "Why would you want me to convert? What if I convert more other people than you, become a better JW and steal your place in heaven?"
  12. i had 3 little old pushy ladies once. so i listened and heard them out. that took the best part of 20 minutes. then they said they had some material they'd like me to read.
    "Can't read"
    "oh, would you like one of us to read it to you??"
    "no thankyou"
    "would you like a tape?"
    "no thanks. do you have the bible on video or something??"
    "eeeeeeer, no i don't believe we do"
    "well you should do something about that, might get people to 'read' it! see ya ladies"

    my religion is serial time wasting....

    having said that, i had a mormon knock on my door when i was like 16, and i answered skateboard in hand, to 2 mormons skateboards in hand. i g'day and a couple smiles later we just went skating all day. now that's a religion.
  13. Once had the JW's turn up at my house during my mid-teens religious zealot stage. I pointed out a fair few holes in their arguments and left them scratching their heads and vowing to return.

    They came back two weeks later with one of the 'elders' from their 'church' (the religious version of the heavy mob), but I in the meantime had had discussions my then minister and christian studies teacher at school. I wish i could have been someone else and watched a 15yo out-argue and out religion an elder of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs' Witnesses.

    Needless to say my house was blacklisted and they've never been back...
  14. I think that it's pretty much pointless trying to argue with religious people. Is anyone here familiar with the saying "You can't reason someone out of something they haven't been reasoned into"?

    Unfortunately, no matter how many holes you point out in any of their arguments, a religious person will stick unwaveringly to their beliefs. Any evidence that doesn't fit their belief is either ignored, explained away using logical and/or factual fallacies, or twisted to suit their needs.

    There seems to be nothing that religious types like more than to deliberately misrepresent and misquote various scientists on the topics of evolution and the Big Bang theory.

    That's not to say a person can never change their mind on matters of religion, but it has to happen of its own accord - no amount of arguing with a zealot will have any impact.
  15. I invited some Mormons in once, made them a milo and asked, "OK, so what do you guys wanna talk about?"

    They sort of looked at each other and went, "Er, I dunno, we've never got this far before."
  16. **BOOM TISH**

    \:D/ :rofl:
  17. [​IMG]
    We're you trying to avoid doing your tax too?
  18. :LOL: Love that show Ktulu. Wish they hadn't stopped making it.
  19. DR Crane...can you please restart the NADS thread for me??? :cry: :cry:
  20. I've started it for u BM - and for me and the others who would like it.....

    sorry joel - really didn't make the connection with frazier in the title of this message - didn't mean to duplicate.......