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This is for real....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Just pulled these from the Ducati forum I frequent. They were posted by one of the Swedish members who went to a motor show there last weekend.


    The thing is that THIS IS NOT STAGED. It happened last year a few kilometres outside of Stockholm.

    This is a "cleaned up" version. The police cleaned it out and put it back together to show what CAN happen.

    The Honda rider was traveling at "very high speed" and did not see the golf. Swedish police estimate a speed of ~250 KM/h when he hit the car. The car had two passengers and the bike rider was found INSIDE the car.

    This is a graphic warning of what CAN happen if you turn it on and doen´t have the sense to turn it of.
    This demonstration was placed at the Stockholm Motorcycle fair by the Swedish Police and Roadsafety department.

    The Volkswagen flipped over from the force of impact and landed 10 feet from where the collision took place. All three involved (two in car and rider) where killed instantly. The MC-rider had a new license.

    Please keep it shiny side up!

    :D :D :D
  2. A "cleaned-up version"? More like a hosed-out version...

    (Nice job for whoever had to do it)

    I can imagine the argument at the Pearly Gates:

    "Look - I didn't see you, okay?"
  3. funny pics rather, espec when you compare an alleged 250kph bike impact to the crash tests VW do. The two dont match.
    Maybe the bike did hit but no where near that speed.
  4. I agree - at 250 the result would have been more like an air crash.
  5. Scary stuff!! :shock:

    .. thats one of my worst fears - a car not looking and just pulling out of a driveway/side street etc!!..... the other is getting hit from behind while waiting or stopping for a red light!!! :?
  6. All I can say is.....OUCH!
  7. you'd think they wouldn't bother exaggerating the speed like that eh :? it just doesn't make sense to make out like the only reason it was that bad was cos the impact was around 250kph. say its lower and ppls think twice instead of just shrugging it off as another dead crazy bastard.

    i've heard stories of car being literally cut in half (tho dad does like to exaggerate :LOL: ) by bikes going less than 200, and seen a couple of much messier photos than that where the bike was going slower than 200.
  8. wouldn't felt a thing, unfortunately, neither would have the 2 innocent people in the car
  9. instead of officials showing what vehicles look like after accidents - they should show the reality within the rehabiltion centres where people work to assist some of the lunatics with "i didn't see you end up". :(
  10. I dont buy it at all I'm afraid.
    difficult to put my finger on it from the photos but I've seen first hand a lot more accidents/wrecks than most.

    If the bike and rider ended up inside the car, wheres the car door? and what happened to it? did the bike and rider go through the side window perhaps?

    also look at the floor/sill area torn open..with that much force being absorbed (by the car and I imagine the bike got a bit dented too) I struggle to see how the bike still had the energy to flip the car too.

    maybe I'm just being cynical but something aint right. :?
  11. They would have cut the car open to get the remains out. Then they placed everything back together for the show after examing the car and the bike. May not have got it exactly right but it does bring home a message.
  12. At that speed the rider really would have been pulp. I imagine smeared over the door frame, roof, and cabin is where the rider wound up. Unless they were thrown off the bike.
  13. I don't understand how the bike is inside the car. That must have come from the car rolling. I would have thought that at the initial impact the bike would have just been sticking out the side. I wouldn't have expected the drive to be in the vehicle either, I would think that he would have been catapaulted clear over the roof and landed 50 metres down the road after hitting something at 250kmph.
  14. well it was rebuilt so i am guessing that the fireies had cut what was left of the people out of it so i would assume its no longer in original condition, hence missing door unless it ended up under the bike. the rider and passengers were probably in pieces, unless the rider went over the top.

    also the bike would be carrying about 11 tons worth of force (trying to remember year 12 physics) which would be more than enough to flip or cut in half a 1.2 ton golf if.

    as for the bike it looks like the front end is gone and the engine absorbed the impact but i dunno how the faring is still there :?:
  15. Well thats one way of doing it I spose, but haven't they heard of a bike trailer??? Seems like a lot of effort to get your bike into a car.....:) lol
  16. About 14 years ago I remember an accident in Morwell where a Harley ran into the side of a LWB Land Cruiser. The Harley was going around 50-60kph when the 4WD turned in front of it. The rider was catapulted over the car and (from memory) broke his leg. The 4WD was flipped over. (I remeber this distinctly because I had a close encounter with the same 4WD about 6 months earlier, although I was in a car at the time, not on a bike) Given that the Harley may be double the weight, it's doing a quarter of the speed quoted which gives you only half the force of this collision.

    If that could flip a LWB Land Cruiser, then this impact would certainly be capable of flpping a VW.

    Also with this, I don't think that the European models require the side intrusion bars that are necessary under the ADRs here (it also depends on the age of the car) . That makes it more likely that the bike would penetrate the car as the force required to deform the bodywork may be a lot less than you think.

    The seating position on the Honda would also tend to have the rider go forward into the car rather than up and over as a more upright seating position would. I must confess to being a little sceptical about this part of it though. I can't see the rider actually ending up inside, rather than being splattered over the outside.

  17. all 3 die????
  18. Maybe the rider wasn't COMPLETELY inside the car.

    Maybe BITS of him were inside, you know, an arm that got caught, the lower part of his left leg, some various organs splattered through the back seat, while the rest of him flew off into the night never to be found again...

    I can see it all clearly in my head.

    Wish they'd got photos before it got cleaned up, now that would be worth posting!
  19. The rider should have stood on the fuel tank and jumped over the golf, landed on his feet and jogged it off. That's what I would have done, being invincible and all that...
  20. Oops - Bike Vs VW Golf

    Nuts, don't you hate it when you post something only to find it's already been done :roll: Time to edit this post and try again :p

    Here's another pic of a different crash but similar result.