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This is FARKIN crazy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Council orders 'offensive' Aussie flag down.
    "A BRISBANE council has ordered an ex-soldier to take down the Australian flag which flies outside his house because it has been deemed "offensive" by a neighbour."

    I cannot believe this :shock:
    How is it offensive to display OUR country's Flag??
    I've had mine in the backyard over 10 years.. be fcuked if some ass is gonna make me pull it down. UNBELIEVABLE !


    Anyone else think the same?
  2. His neighbour must really hate Australia Day then

    How ridiculous is it to have to take it down.

    He should keep flying it and see how they go in court against him
  3. how i read the story is the issue is with the pole not the flag......well thats my guess and i reckon a little bit of creative writing helped the offensive flag comment.

    If it is about the flag then it a utter joke :mad:
  4. +1
    That was my first thought, but after reading this: "But on Tuesday, Logan City Council called to tell him a neighbour had made a complaint, labelling it "offensive".
    I gather the council used the pole as an excuse
  5. If I had an aussie flag, and a neighbour complained it was offensive, I'd take it down.

    And replace it with a bigger one.

    Or one that says "I SHIT IN ALLAH'S BEARD" maybe... depends on why the neighbour complained.
  6. :LOL: :LOL:
  7. could have been the flagpole. those bastards can get pretty noisy in the wind.
  8. how bout all us brissy riders head over there and show some support ala the "Honour Guard" vs the Westboro Baptist Church in Seppo Land. try and tear the pole down when it is surrounded 5 deep by bikies.

    farkin unbelievable. wanting to tear down an aussie flag. i say if you are gonna fly the aussie flag on something, it can be as high as you want it. some people have far too much time on their hands if they see fit to complain about a bit white stick... what, is it blocking 0.01% of your view?

  9. I would be offended if the council bends to political "high-horsing" over the Australian flag. They've indicated that it's a safety issue, it's no good thumping your chest with pride when it falls over and kills a child:

    Mother witnesses fatal gateway collapse
    September 25, 2008 12:40am

  10. if its a visual thing the complainants should suck it up.

    you never know, maybe its just the council flexing their muscle and forcing someone to remove a 'structure' they didnt get planning approval (read, money) for.
  11. Track down the neighbour that compained, then put in our own complaint that his face is offensive...
  12. Bad comparison Cam, that's public property, this blokes pole is on private property.

    From what I've heard, the council made it a safety issue retrospectively, i dare say to cover their @rses from the backlash they're currently receiving. It is the flag that was said to be 'offensive'.
  13. They're both on private property. The gate where the child was killed was on a fence line to the mother's rented house.

    The only source of this claim is from Aaron Wilson, the owner of the flagpole.
    The council claims that the flagpole doesn't meet their building code.
    There has been no neighbour come forth to either admit or deny that they made the complaint about the flag and/or pole.
  14. Thats offensive to every proud Australian, Hell i would pull it down then put up the boxing kangaroo flag just to piss him off.

    Lol reminds me of the simpsons episode where homer tries to erect an english flag, then it catches on fire and they stomp on it and he covers it in fertiliser haaha, 'its still warm' haha
  15. I think he should keep it up, and then add the aboriginal flag as well. Or take them both down, and put up a pirate one instead :p
  16. It's not even a big flag pole. Some pool skimmer poles would rival that. So i recommend that, if it's a visual problem, take down the flag pole while the heat blows over and replace it with the biggest pool skimmer you can buy.

  17. +1 for the pirate flag. :cool:
  18. yarrrrrr!
  19. FYI: "Allah" simply means 'God' in Arabic and is a term used by Arabic-speaking Jews, Christians, pagans as well as Muslims.

    What does the reason of complaint have to do with you intentionally offending most of the 'God'-worshipping population of the world? Your comment isn't logically justified even if the complainer were a Muslim (as you seemingly implied due to misinformation), who for some personal* reason would be offended by the Aussie flag. What if it was an Indigenous Australian who was offended by the Union Jack, would you state a similarly worded anti-Aboriginal sentiment?
    [* There is no Islamic reason to be offended by an Aussie flag, in fact I'm Muslim and have a little Aussie flag on my helmet]

    I'm not saying that people would or should care what one individual says on an internet forum, but since you seemed like a semi-intelligent person, I just thought it would be something for you to think about.


    On a related topic, I personally do believe its about time we rid the flag of the Union Jack, but there is due procedure to make such changes in a democratic society. What I find really embarassing is when I see people disrespecting the Australian flag by making underwears out of it, or linking it with their personal bigotry.
  20. Oh yeah, +1 on the pirate flag!