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This is disgusting - purity balls

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Yes, okay, they've been around for ages, but the fact it's now trying to influence in Australia.

    They won't even kiss a boy, apart from their dad (even that sounds a little sick doesn't it? i mean, the father is their valentine on valentines day!) until their wedding day!!!

    A kiss means almost everything, and they're not going to experience it until their wedding day!!!

    It's also encouraging the disgusting but truthful thing that the daughter is instead going to fall in love with her father. Yes, that seems shocking - but watch the video and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    It's like a cult, and that the man has to be the top dog in the family. He's the "MAN OF THE FAMILY" and the woman has the obvious home and female role in the kitchen and making babies.


    Why the hell would they have that story, without an obvious "this is disgusting" or "we should bring this to australia" or "we agree with this" - the reporting was CRAP!

    anyways, here it is:
  2. Wow, just Wow! :shock:

    I can understand protecting your Daughter and making sure to direct them down the correct path in life, but I think that is taking things a little to far.
  3. I don't think I'll show that to my daughter - she'd throw up! :eek:
  4. Heh - I wouldn't be too worried. Studies from the US show that more than 50% of those who "pledge" break the pledge. Course they do, they are young adults and sex is a natural part of growing up. The downside though is that they have high rates of pregnancy/STDs as they haven't experienced sex education. And they have extra guilt for breaking the idiotic pledge and having a "dirty secret".
  5. Jessica Simpson anyone?
  6. Right wing Christian fundemantalists, crazy mutha fu#$&&s
  7. Mike.munro.is.a.farking.tooooollllll!!!!!
  8. I think I can understand the appeal for the daughters, and a built up of anticipation certainly can make an experience all the better... but anticipation can also lead to unrealistic expectations and massive disappointment.

    This sort of thing also makes life a hell of a lot harder for anyone who isn't heterosexual: asexuals (particularly aromantics), bisexuals, homosexuals, and all the points in between (its not just who you're attracted to, its how attracted to them you are, and stuff). But obviously that sort of thing isn't a problem, because remaining completely pure will protect them from corrupting influences that would turn them from God's path :roll:.

    There's also a kinda selfish concern for the men they eventually hook up with: The process sounds like it'd encourage the girls to become kinda self centred and shallow, with zero experience in making a relationship work. Which is fine if you're only after boobs, food, and cleaning...

    I might be okay with this style of thing if:
    *There were boys at the balls, too.
    *It weren't so closely tied to religion. That always makes me uneasy.

    There's other bits and pieces would help a lot (in fact, more than the above would probably be required :p), but those two are the foremost stops in my mind.

    As they stand, these 'Purity Balls' have several obvious ways that they could easily screw a kid up.
  9. Bahaha, pass the vomit bags.

    Not to be too harsh on these young women, but how they are being treated is a reflection of their mental state.

    They are materialistic and having their egos pandered to, and they love it. They view themselves as the golden egg to sell to a man who will pay their high price.

    And what a shithouse ball, no one gets laid afterwards.
  10. There's also the scary thought of the girl just getting with the first boy that takes an interest, he holds off until they get married and then she finds out he's a woman beater, has crazy OCD must be in control at all times and won't let the woman have any power what so ever.

    Yes, it's a biatch it's tied with religion.

    There is a "vow" for boys too, but nothing like what the girls go through as far as I know.

    And yes, it's appealing for most girls due to the "pretty dresses' and the peer pressure from family, your girlfriends and all your contacts at church. If you don't do it or question it you're made out to be slut and an outcast and then get vicious rumours created about you etc.

    It's an awful world we live in, really.

    Yes, and then also turns the girls into messes if things don't work out etc, or the guy wants to kiss prior to marriage to ensure they actually have the sexual connection.
  11. Better than being a sex maniac like the one in the UK (they did a story on a couple of months ago), where she practically slept with every guy she saw, of kids having babies and basically grandparents as teenagers without the maturity or education of how to be parents.

    STD, the less people doing it like rabbits the better IMO. If these girls doesnt want to have sex before marriage then its their choice.

    In saying that, guys like me will be pulling my hair out :(.
  12. The thing is, abstinence is a concept that predates our understanding of diseases, our ability to create contraceptive medicine and devices. So in this day and age its essentially useless.
  13. That is a whole bowl of fruitloops, just add milk.
  14. But I prefer cocopops!
  15. Is it really? These people don't have the maturity or education either. They just delay it for a few years...
  16. Dads Balls are pure,lucky Dad.Thats just a touch creapy
  18. Religion is child abuse. These people should be locked up.
  19. sure can. not good!