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This is deadly serious!!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. There be only 5 days to go till "International Talk Like a Pirate Day", Tuesday September the 19th...

    So be sharpenin' up yer cutlasses, and practicin' yer "arrrrrrs", me hearties, and any slimy dog of a boss who won't celebrate the day, why band together and keel-haul the swab.....

  2. I's bin talkin like a seafarin' swab all me life ye salty seadog!
    Where is ya Bucaneers!

    Regaaaaaarrrrrrds, Andrew.
  3. Arr, they be under me bucan hat.
  4. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  5. [img:500:361:6f4c181de1]http://newsdesigner.com/blog/images/pirate.jpg[/img:6f4c181de1]
  6. lol well done loz!
    If anyone wants some [lame] pirate jokes! add my msn and then pm me :p

    ARRRRGGGHHHH! :cool:
  7. when tippy was a kitten she use to sit on my shoulder when i crutched around the flat.

    i answered the door bell to a friend and said 'ye matey'

    'a pirate are ye jax?'

    'do you think im a pirate? just because i got a cat on my shoulder and one leg?'



    matey etc etc.

    King of Tonga Elwood will serve half price beer to those that order in pirate speak next tuesday (or so i hear) Well they did last year...

  9. Yarrr! Today be the day, me hearties.

    Let no mortal man stand between ye and true pirate speech!
  10. Arrr, where be yon Hornet swab?

    Methinks yon rogue should have posted here b'now...

    Arrrr Arrrr :LOL:
  11. Why didn't the pirates come to Australia?

    It's too farrrrrrrrrrrr!

    How do you know if you are a pirate?

    You just arrrrrrrrre!
  12. Arrr, ye swab, oi've been at the 'ospital gettin' me leg amputated, arrr :LOL:
  13. We celebrated 'talk like a pirate pirate day' today! We ARRRR(ed) all day, and shared crappy pirate jokes. Had a great day :) Thanks Hornet for sharing this with us....
  14. arrr, ye be welcome, m'laddie, 'tis a fine way t' spend a day, arrrrr
  15. I thought yez was at the laundry gettin' th' parrot poo off'n yer shirt. :LOL:
  16. Ah Tony, my favourite JB song, "A Pirate looks at 40", in my opinion his BEST song :)
  17. I thought it appropriate for talk like a Pirate day :LOL:

    I once drove the entire length of A1A in Florida with JB's A1A album playing at full volume - that should make you suitably jealous Paul :p :p :LOL:
  18. arrrr, i missed it due to worrrrrkin to haarrrrrrrd.
    crap :(