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this is about the only harley i'd ever own...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Would you be able to ride that here with the back tire being exposed like that?
  2. no,




    It's not meant to be ridden, just to be displayed in your lounge room.....
  3. It'd need a hugger or something over that wheel to be legal

    Can't say I'm a fan of the whole "I have no rear end" look
    Never appealed to me

  4. very nice.

    love the nothing over the back wheel look.
  5. Looks good.
  6. Ah, XR750. HD stuffed up the 1200 badly.
  7. That is a nice Harley. I love walking past the deus shop and just looking at the stuff in there :)
  8. You're getting old.

    Since when have motorcycles been sensible?
  9. I always rather liked their 1977 attempt at a cafe racer - the XLCR


    Not at all sensible but it looked the part.
  10. That front brake looks awesome.
  11. The XR750 is timeless, I agree the current 1200 that is supposed to look like it, is an ugly mess that mocks the original bike! I like the Deus machine, but for $28 big ones I would go and buy my own Nightster and build it myself! Personally I could happily own an XLCR a 56 KH, a 59 Panhead and numerous other models!
  12. Yep, nice looking peice of kit. But, it's still an overwieght, underpowered Harley.

    HD had the right idea with the VROD, if only they'd put that engine in a proper sports bike frame.
  13. Not a fan of the paint.. looks like its still in primer :tantrum:
  14. I'd rock a HD but it goes against my Triumph religion.
  15. with a little more plastic they could have turned it into a buell xb