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This is a Vent - no crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. While trolling the i-net one comes across tons of motorcycle crash compilations.

    Apart from the 'if something goes wrong I'm done for riders'...and something always goes wrong, there are a hell of alot of these crashes that are simply piss-poor riding.
    Many of them simply cannot ride!!.

    Oh sure...for a while, they've gotten away with as little as just sitting there and changing gears, braking, etc...but they aren't riders - they are 'passengers'.
    It's friggin' humiliating to me, as a rider.!!!

    People!...learn to ride!...not to the level of the bare essentials!...learn to ride GOOD, and take some pride in it FFS.
    It's not enough to be sitting there riding along nicely, full of misplaced confidence acting like you are in some kind of control.
    I guess managing to be upright, to some of you might be enough...fine!...you'll be in hospital soon enough. I'm pointing at those riders who are just lazy, accept third rate riding as good enough, and reckon they've got all the moves, when really, they are just an annoyance.

    Even if riding a bike is purely a means to an end - cheaper, easy parking, easier in the traffic etc...that's fair enough...All the more reason to get some skill and roadcraft techniques tidied up, so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your commute.

    Whatever you do on a bike, do it well...none of this passenger crap!

    You would'nt parachute out of a plane without knowing very well what you have to do, and to train your self to do it well.
    Or is mediocre satisfactory for you?
    You would'nt scubadive, without understanding your equipment, and extending your experience so that you were competent and confident. Or is mediocre satisfactory for you?

    So why the feck do so many riders fail at getting good enough to ride a bike so that they are competent and confident and seem to accept mediocre as satisfactory.

    Get skills, use your brains, and be good at riding. Please.

    If you don't care, fine!...move on to another thread, and just carry on 'pretending'.
    I'm not interested, nor are you one the riders this is aimed at.
    BTW...I don't know who you are, but YOU do!...so go away and fix it up.

    Time for the trolls to come out, I reckon...[Yawn]...let's see how long it takes them to finally succumb and burst forth with their boring rantings. LOL

    Those of you that are legitimate riders, trying to be, or wanting to be, ignore them. Just keep working at being a better rider, for yourself, friends and family.

    btw...like I said...this is a rant...so I'm not looking for responses necessarily.
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  2. Well said sir. I got to have a fair old chat with @hawklord yesterday where such things were discussed and you were mentioned for your opinions on this.
    I hope at least some riders in question take this on board and choose to improve.
  3. I was talking to this old tart the other night, She rides a thou V Strom,
    She stated that if she got into trouble in a corner, She would just step of it,
    I said she needed to learn to ride properly, Then she would not have to step off it,
    I told her, I would never get on the back of her bike with an attitude like that,
    She just said I wouldnt be invited to ride on the back of her bike,

    I could not believe that people ride with an attitude like that,
  4. It fills me with dismay, mate...'just step off it'...CHEESUS!
    A good line I use for totally dimwitted morons like that is..."and how has that worked for you so far?"
    depending on their answer...I tell them to "jump out of the car when it's doing 60ks down the road...that'll show them what happens when you 'just step off it' "

    I'm proud of ya mate...I appreciate that she is a woman and all of that stuff, but how did you resist punching her in the face? LOL
  5. Very great difficulty. She is one of those know it all people, I just ignore her,
    She comes out with the most unbelievable crap, concerning bikes,
    Makes the blood boil, But what else can you do with them, DUUUUHHHH.
  6. Yep people like that destroy my soul, i knew one guy who was like that, had no idea about riding, was constantly getting involved in accidents with cars, somehow being lucky enough to escape permanent injury. An idiot on wheels.

    Nothing to really be done about it, you cant educate them all and there are going to be people who dont even bother to get licensed riding. I guess you just have to hope you dont even get embroiled in their fcuktaradery when they come off on a bend and their bike slides into oncoming traffic.

    Take training courses, practise PROPER emergency braking drills (ones where you nearly crash, if you dont nearly crash from practising stops, your not braking hard enough) go to the track, find your personal limits and the limits of your bike. But most of all, USE YOUR BRAIN! the amount of just jaw dropingly stupid shit people do sometimes is scary, i always say, you need to make good decisions to stay alive. decisions about when to overtake, when to go fast, when to slow down, when to sit patiently behind that camry on your favorite road and many others that im not going to list at 2 30 in the morning.

    some of my least favorite quotes i have heard 'riders' utter are "oh wow, this is all new to me, i normally just ride in the city" - Rider of a gsxr1000 after getting to wollumbi and some how not taking himself out

    "its ok, i have abs, i dont need to practise braking" - rider of a cb400 abs :/

    "noooo, you cannot turn them, it is soo heavy, you just lean and hope the bike makes the turn" - mate of mine who used to ride in india referring to riding a harley
  7. I wouldn't, willingly, ride on the same road with her.
  8. You saying that it's not a valid choice to ride for transport only and not bother with twisties? Would it have been okay if he'd been riding a Vespa instead of a GSXR?
  9. Yes, someone who rides a gsxr1000 and has never been down the old road, or any other twisty road in his entire riding career represents a bad choice and shows the rider has his priorities mixed up, that is, looking awesome on his fully sik liter bike compared to actually being able to ride the thing. His technique was poor, his lines terrible and was being outridden by many L platers, including me on a 250cc. All while clearly pushing himself too hard to try to protect his shattering ego.

    There is no excuse for coming on a twisty ride with 0 experience and putting others at risk, if he was on a vespa at least he wouldn't have been pushing so hard and trying to use his bikes power to make up for his lack of skill.
  10. ^ would love to see his chicken strips!
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  11. The number of riders I see maintaining speed and course into situations that I clocked developing 500+m earlier, and then shitting themselves, never ceases to amaze me. It's not just L and P platers either.

    BTW, haven't seen you posting for a while raven. It's good to see you back.
  12. @lemontree they were more like whole roast chickens in size rather than strips
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  13. Jesus John, that was a rant and a half! You're absolutely right, though.

    This motorbike riding thing we do isn't something we can approach on a half-arsed basis. It's not enough to be able to smoothly accelerate, change gears and brake on a back-lot at HART. I mean great, if you can do that, you'll get your licence, well done... you can start your journey. From then on, it's about survival and that is NOT a fcuking joke.

    @raven is right in what he says. There's too many of you who crash and go "oh well, I had the basics so maybe it was the wrong bike, or the road was bad, or it was a bit slippery or..." NO! Get fcuked! It was entirely your fault, every time.

    I crashed. In February, after just 5 months with a licence I stacked my bike on a bend out near Whitfield. You know what has never entered my mind? "It was someone else's fault." Because it wasn't. I don't even remember what happened, but I can guarantee whatever happened was my fault because only one person was in charge of that bike, and that was me. Was I going too fast for the bend? No, probably not. Was I going too fast for ME on that bend? Maybe. Did I fcuk up? Yes. Yes. YES! What can I do now? Learn how not to fcuk up in future, because it's my fcuking life on the line out there on that bike, and nobody else's.

    I have a family at home. One that depends on me to not fcuk up too badly, and I need to learn to not do that kind of shit. You guys who ride like near enough is good enough need to do that too. 100% all the time. ALL. THE. TIME.
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  14. Falling off is a good learning curve, Gobber, Especially when you pick your self up and say to your self, I wont do that again, Or try not too, Hahahaha

    Whitfield is a good learning road, It has the lot, Just keep the speed down to what you can handle,

    Being on a cruiser, You probably scraped, which lifts the back wheel off the ground,
    Loss of traction with the back wheel on a bend, Low side off, It happens,

    You have the right attitude, Keep learning,
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  15. Raven this comes off as a bit preachy. If you lot had your way a rider would have to go to a dealer and fill out a questionnaire about our riding habits and we would simply be given a set of keys and no options. Seriously let people ride what they want, when they want, how they want. Doesn't stop me increasing my skill set and tends to weed out the riding population, of the cans and can nots
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  16. I'm fairly certain that what I did is went "Yeah, this is a tight corner... turn your head... look that way... push on the bars... lean a bit... keep looking into the turn, it's all good... <look the wrong way fcuk the edge is a bit close grab the brake shit...SKID SQQUEEALLL...CRASSHHHSHSHSHSHHHHH!!!!>

    Target fixation and panic screwed me up. I probably had another inch or so before I scraped, and just needed to trust in my ability. Now I've got a lot of confidence to rebuild, which sucks.
  17. THAT^^.

    Also if any noobs like me are reading this. Please find a mentor for yourself.
    Someone who you can be brutally honest with and tell everything.

    Also being brutally honest with oneself is the very, very first step in one's development. It's hard to progress without that.

    Having a mentor will help with that. He will give you a splash of cold water when you get cocky. He will encourage or discourage to do what is appropriate and when is appropriate.

    For me talking to a mentor is like going to Church.
    And yeah, I do think It is a bit spiritual too :)

    Riding is more than just two wheels and us :)
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  18. What point are you making? How does it weed them out, exactly?

    1. They get a bit scared and stop riding. Ok, fair enough.

    2. They don't get a bit scared, they exceed their ability, crash spectacularly and they die.

    Good outcome either way?
  19. I dunno... I agree only to a certain extent.

    If someone wants his bike only for riding around in the city running errands, so be it. He can be amazingly good at predicting car drivers actions and therefore be great in peak hour city traffic. But it will leave him helpless if someone were to make him go out into the hills.
    Same with weekend warriors who only ride rural roads, but become dangerous when they encounter traffic. I honestly don't care what bike people ride either, and whether it suits their purpose or not. As long as they don't do silly things, but ride safe.

    What I really do not like is people riding above their abilities. Riders who endanger not only themselves, but also others by their ignorance and inability of judging their own level.
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  20. Hallelujah, brother!
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