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This is a reason alone

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. #1 doonx, Nov 2, 2007
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    to sterilise at least 100 Million Americans


    why, CAUSE THEY"RE SERIOUS !!!!!
  2. :LOL: THE BACK UP! in stores now.

    Its a flimsy 4 pieces of steel and their selling it for US$40.00, wow those gun crazy yanks must think they picked themself a bargin. Just what they needed, more accessability to their weapons.
  3. Unfortunately things like this make me start to question the theory of evolution. How is it that these people have continued to multiply? Our only chance is that enough people take up this amazing offer and start sterilising themselves with accidental firings as they store a loaded firearm on their bed.
  4. Looks like a perfect way to blow your own feet off in the heat of the moment.
  5. wonder how I could import one of them? :grin: Then I just need the rifle to go with it!
  6. what foot?


    i love the whole 'so get up and get one', as if they KNOW the people who would buy them are on their arse and reluctant to get up :LOL:

    now guuuuuuuys, the reason they're still breeding is cause they're getting warnings. did not you here? 'not recomended in homes with children' hm?

    the buyer goes, 'ohhhh, right! i get it, if i put it in my house, with the kiddies, they might rip it off me and put it on their bed! hm, better not get one'

    stump it out! :cool:
  7. I wonder how much money the average Yank spends on firearms and such, that OUGHT to be being spent on tuition of their children, food, utilities, etc???
  8. paul, there's no use for those things if u cant shoot the person who rapes, eats, and takes :LOL:
  9. Tuition for children??


    They don't need edumacation, they just need guns, so they can hunt for their:
    jumpers / roo's (wallabies / kangaroos)
    coon's (racoons)
    deeire (deer)
    pigs (wild boar / police)
    grizlliys (bears)
    ducks (ducks)
    wriggleys / flappers (fish)
    introoodas (humans that are on their property or in their way)
    wabbits / bunns (rabbits / hares)
    wings (birds)

    ... the list goes on. With so much to hunt, eat, and display on your wall, what use is an edumacation!?!?
  10. New advertising campaign for it...

    Your spouse catches you in bed with your lover. In a fit of rage they go for the gun. Now you can get the first shot off with "The Back Up!"
  11. Placing a gun in ready access of a place that often experiences passion or "heat of the moment"... :-k ...uh oh...
  12. "The smartest money you will spend in your life"

    "Many customers are buying one for each side of the bed"
    Mr and Mrs Smith maybe? If so, I guess you'd never have to worry about getting trapped by your spouse in a Dutch oven as the penalty would be death!