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This is a mono

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ResmeN, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. That was good. Thanks mate.
  2. You're welcome. I've got this Romanian IT guy at work since finding out I'm a rider sends me all these interesting riding video links.
  3. nice. buy that man some motorcycle thongs
  4. He'd go through taill ights and shoes pretty quick.... :LOL:
  5. lol i rolfed
  6. Takamii is this way you want to lift the WR up if so need some toe sliders made out of titanium for the added effect :)
  7. I dont think my testicles are that big
  8. Haha, it looks like the bike is going fast but it's not cause he slows it a bit and is able to jump off and run behind it.

    Yesterday a guy was out of petrol pushing his car so I jumped out the car and started helping him push it to the servo which was about 300m away on a slight downwards slope. As we picked up momentum he jumped in to the drivers seat thru the window and I jumped on to the boot resting on my elbows, with my toes nearly dragging the road then for some reason as the car was about to enter the petrol station I hopped off knowing I had to match the cars speed which I just about did but still nearly faceplanted as my legs worked overtime to make up for the difference in speed.
  9. Awesome video (obviously ATGATT hasn't caught on where ever that was, India I guess).