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This I perceive

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, May 10, 2007.

  1. the snow dog asked me to start this thread in 'this i believe'. i dont know if he/she was having a go at me or not. here it is anyway. i figure if it's not of anyones interest it will just pop off the page.

    perception is all we have to find answers in this world and we are often foolish enough to say 'if i dont see it, it's not there'.

    not true.

    our perception must be limited, and if it is, how would we know? we dont know what we dont perceive.

    we're living in a cardboad box with holes cut in it. a hole for eyes, nose, ears etc.

    my box has been cut in a larger way because i have been dead and in a coma, and had ghosts in my house.

    these experiences really opened me up to the limitations of our perception in our everyday life.

    when i was in a coma it was 10x more real than any vivid dream. it was in real time also.

    did i create that in my head? are we doing the same now?

    everything fits as if it were real. i walked thru doors. my family completely ignored my presence in the house. i opened a draw in my bedroom that my family said was open and none of them had opened it.

    the last night before i woke up from the coma i arrived home late, walked thru my bedroom door and opened the other door into the sitting room where my parents were sitting quietly and looking very sad. i said 'goodnight' and got no response. they later told me one night my bedroom door [the one that goes into sitting room] opened, and it was strange.

    on wednesday, the day my parents were told i wouldn't live thru the night, i was riding in sydney when the harbour bridge broke off it's structure and crashed down before me like the gates of heaven, which i swerved to avoid.

    anyway the question is, why is it that a person on drugs can cause a person to see things that appear to be as real as real when others cant?

    is it really there? do our minds have doors that can be opened with drugs?

    do you believe we, as we are, can perceive everything there is?

    or is there a whole world of different dimentions we are only seeing a very small part of?
  2. n+1
  3. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
    Hamlet (I, v, 166-167)
  4. D Stump, maybe you are Neo from The Matrix and you were able to experience what it is really outside and control the universe. :shock:

    There are a lot of way that it can be explained :grin:
  5. nuff wrote
    would love to hear one....

    chop chop
  6. Apologies Stump. That post is way above my head. :? :shock: :oops: :LOL:

  7. You didn't like the example from The Matrix (movie)?

    I don't believe in much myself, so I'm not going try to explain it :) Just that the matrix is based around similar outer-body experiences you had and I like that movie.

    I think I will just seat this one out in a corner :(
  8. its over everyones head MG.


    coma wasnt an outer body experience, i still had my body just as i do now [only with a stump].

    i dont think we're hooked up to computers like the matrix. i knew someone was going to say matrix.

    but good point all the same. see, i perceived a body in the coma, why should i say im not merely perceiving a body now?
  9. I was talking mostly about perception, the fact that you could walk through walls etc, bend the universe around you. Not that you were hooked up to computers, even tough mostly likely you were hooked up to something in hospital, but I don't think it would give you any special abilities.

    So maybe when you were in a coma, the way your brain interacts with reality has changed. But then, I'm not a brain surgeon and in this day and age we know next to nothing what our brains are capable of.
  11. nuff wrote
    interesting [and funny]. i never thought of bending the universe. to go thru a door in my opinion, you have to be without ya physical body. my body was just a perception.....but i may have been the one who opened the draw.

    kind of like when you're dreaming. you're in your body wondering about, but ya not.

    it takes the RIGHT brain to do this. you left brained people do all the stuff that has some purpose.
  12. Sent shivers in my spine Stumpy.
    I'm with you I believe there is more to this mortal coil.
    your story reminds me a bit of the movie sixth sense without that kid.
  13. To throw even more ideas at you. According to the "string theory", there is a chance, that your body could go through the wall. But it's so unlikely that it never happens. There is a mini serious called "The Elegant Universe" which goes into this in quiet big detail.

    Another thing is Lucid Dreams, the thing with them is that you realise that you are dreaming, and you can control your dream and it all feels real. I had it once ages ago, realising that I was dreaming and I didn't wake up, I decided that it would be a good idea to fly around like superman. So I did, promptly crashing into a building, feeling lots of pain and waking up in shock with heart beating so fast it was up my throat.

    Maybe what's you have experienced is a combination of things.
  14. doesn't explain the open drawer that was originally closed or the door that opened.
  15. With string theory anything is possible. That's the beauty of it.
  16. 1st - Do you always do as your told? or perceive to be told.

    Next , do you really want to know? as this stuff if grasphed with reality is not very nice and is very sinister.

    And , think about it first as you have asked , then if i will fill your head full of bullshit but i can garentee you wont like it , as you will guess i will be sleazy and manipulative like it but i have to be that way as the shock to be delivered as the consious mind is a slow f#cker when it comes too this stuff and not only that you will have to work at it as there is a blank there to be unblanked or the tape turned on as its bin taping slowly which is the u.

    So we takin about goin IN....IN is where IT is and has bin.

    Also i aware too as the other readers , will and normally so , could try or summize they can try to manipulate or use this info to daily life , such is life , so what i meen in short and curly's language this stuff would be yours as a individual even though connected and applied to others could only harm or become some sort of common re-legion which is the problem.

    Seriously you might not like it...........BUTT , as you guess i saw this cummin awhile back....i bin debating since ..and still will , so as not to impart full blame if you have troubles so will i by x/more ok , i deal with it for long time , that is the question you ask , It knows how very very well , to screw . A there is no Omega IT STARTS WITH AND ENDS WITH A

  17. No IT stars with I and ends with T

    As for the other stuff you wrote I wanna know what drugs you are on.
  18. smee wrote
    ho! it wasnt like the sixth sense. i didnt know i was in a coma. you would looovvee 'stumpy's birthday' smee. i send you the first 4 chapts if you like.

    whats string theory?

    ive had lucid dream and went for a fly too :cool: my date-less wonder of a friend had a lucid dream so he scored :roll:

    once i had a dream where i fell off a building and wasnt lucky enough to wake up before i hit the pavement. people came rushing to my aid, my body very twisted. i was escorted to someone's work related farwell party where i sat at a table with my arms twisted behind my head. people ignored it and made conversation 'so what do you do for a living?' etc.
  19. I'm stumped! :LOL:

    yeah perception is your interpretation of reality. Perception is also based on your life experiences [or death in jax case].

    OK can we percieve ecerything there is? I'll get back to you on this one as I have only been around for 41 years, oh maybe a few past lives! No I don't think we can percieve God in our flesh macines, we will need to reach a higher level of awareness first, bit like Buddha.

    Drugs, ok good question. We are flesh machines that run on chemicals and electricity. SO when we introduce drugs or other things [fasting, dehydration, excessive masturbation etc] that interfere with our machine we may perceive things differnetly. We may even look at alternate universes, bloody string theory again!

    So inshort who knows? Not me.