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This hot new trend of running over one's own children…

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Seems to me to be a pretty simple thing to avoid: Pay fucking attention to what's going on around your vehicle, and maybe don't drive giant bimbo box SUVs?

  2. One of my worst fears, I can't fathom how it wouldn't be at the absolute top of a parents priority list...

    What happened this time?
  3. I'm no comfortable with this thread.
    Firstly wtf is an suv? secondly if 4wd were fitted with rear cameras then half these accidents would not occur
  4. Yeah there have been a few recently.... :(
    Horrible thing for those concerned to live with...

    Agree simple thing to avoid but humans make mistakes unfortunately...
  5. I dunno. I fear we are already becoming used to cameras and sensors and I do wonder if this complacency isn't contributing. I also find the fish-eye cameras fitted to most vehicles so distorted I never use them.

    These days you have to go out of your way to run into things. The problem is kids will do the most unexpected things.

    So yeah if you or your neighbors have got kid, assume they'll be there unless you've personally confirmed they aren't.
  6. The rear view cameras often take too long to load up, so by the time they start up you are half was down the drive. Bit late by then.
  7. i thought the latest trend was to smash the accelerator instead of the brake and *insert injury/destruction here*..
  8. It does frighten me, most modern cars have high boots and you can't even tell where the end of the car is, I still think a decent rear camera is a must for modern vehicles.
  9. Discussed the recent ones with my partner. I said I couldn't understand how they had happened. She said she thought it was understandable, and that 'accidents just happen'.
    So now I think it comes down to an attitude problem, and many people think that 'shit just happens', when really it's because they don't actively take on a commitment to personal responsibility. Checking off all the risk factors before acting is too hard for them.
    Probably because they've been nannied all their lives.
  10. Come on Smee, you are kidding, right? SUV - Sports Utility Vehicle, and whether we think it is an Americanism or not, it is a common name for large luxury 4WDs.

    I have never had kids, and at my place only the neighbours kids on one side could get to my driveway without going via the footpath, and they would have to climb or fall down from their front lawn to do so.

    But I always check if the kids are about, and the footpath is clear, before I back down, and I always come to a near complete stop at the bottom of my driveway before crossing the footpath.

    While kids can and do run behind cars at the strangest, most unexpected times, I would have thought that parents would be extra vigilant, and do a mental count off of where all their kids are before starting to back out.

    The woman who hit the accelerator instead of the brake?! (Another one.) She was parking at dusk, on the grass in front of the house, with her father and child in front of her fully visible. How the hell could she be so incautious? I only have sympathy for her husband, father, and the rest of her family, but not for her.

    Harsh I know. But really, was she high, drunk, wearing six inch heals, or what?
  11. Only if you accept the americanism, they are 4wd or awd not sport utilities, what next are we gonna call utes pickups?
  12. I'm not sure the cameras would help.
    She obviously didn't bother to take the basic precautions of asking her husband to hold onto the kids and stand somewhere she could see them all the time
    Odds are she wouldn't have bothered looking at the camera either.
    Oops... SMIDSY
  13. Surely designing poor visibility into modern cars is the problem here not a lack of gadgets?
  14. It is a bit harsh. What happens in a few split seconds can be easy to judge in retrospect. By way of example.

    I was at a friends property and we got out the tractor to give the kids a bit of a ride. I'd never driven that tractor before. I took it out for a bit to get used to it and brought it back to let the daughter on. I put it in neutral and had my foot on the brake and clutch and my daughter ran over and stood in front of the rear tyre. I reached down to pick her up, but couldn't quite reach, so my friend come over and picked her up. He then walked away.

    When I went to drive off I realised I wasn't in neutral at all, it was just the gearbox was so sloppy it felt like it. So it was barely more than blind luck that when I reached down for my daughter I didn't take my foot off the clutch and run her over. Scary shit.

    I haven't been following these stories closely, but I'm reluctant to micro-analise them because I know no-one would deliberately run over their own child.
  15. Back in the days before we had digital gear indicators in cars my mother managed to accelerate through the end of the garage. She thought she was in reverse but was actually in drive. No one hurt but a lot of damage.

    The insurance assessor said that it was actually one of the more common crashes.
  16. Agreed, the levels of trying to make cars more slippery and safer means you need these extra gadgets for visibility.
    I saw a good car show where some newer cars have cameras on each corner of the car with split screen so you can see what's coming when you are stopped at an intersection or reversing out of the driveway,
  17. And it's not just the boot lines, but seat designs. Drivers seats are more snug (thus discouraging turning around) and rear seats have head rests.
  18. Don't blame all of us that drive large 4wd's, I got 1, I look where I'm going, blame the yuppies
  19. Not being able to see what is going on around you seems at odds with making a car safer or maybe that is just me.
  20. I read somewhere a while ago that driveway accidents have pretty much always accounted for about 20% of vehicle deaths of under 5s. It's not a new thing. The current spate is almost certainly one of those statistical blips that sometimes happen.

    The "shit just happens" comment is interesting. Personal experience suggests that it does, but it seems to happen more often to those who fail to make an effort to avoid it.

    And I agree with the comments on the poor visibility from modern vehicles. Three years ago I had the misfortune to have to drive a then-current XR6. I felt completely blind, particularly when reversing. I'm 6'2" and do all the headchecks that riding teaches you and I still couldn't get a picture of what was going on around me that was comprehensive enough to make me feel comfortable.