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This HAS to be the USA ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BIWOZ, May 9, 2008.

  1. :shock:


    Guess it stops the icecream melting ...
  2. Doesn't that look like fun!!!!!!!
  3. So what's the problem? :grin:
  4. the new sidecar!!! looks like it might be an SV too. i guess it must be a new addition to the suzuki range :grin:
  5. Can they do one with a baby seat attached! :LOL:
  6. Of course. Couldn't you?
  7. And I though this one was bad

  8. Presumably on the way to pick up their mate :grin: .
  9. They could have carried one more person in the barrow. what a waste of space.. :p
  10. Cheaper than the Ural :)
  11. Just one more person? They can fit 3 on a bike like that, surely they could fit a small family in the wheel barrow! (and the dog)
  12. You could carry so much grog :shock:
  13. Maybe they fell out ;).
  14. its hard to push a trolley in a straight line at 2kph in a supermarket. The chick on the back's doing well.:grin:

    good reason to buy a 650 Burgman, you could fit that under the seat.
  15. Naw, check out the rims :grin:

    But yes, only in America would they be so lazy as to not just get the bus :grin:
  16. thats a cagiva mito 125 with the side panels removed, doesnt the tiny muffler give away thats its 2 stroke?
  17. C'mon, it looks like a nice day. They needed the trolley to carry their helmets and safety gear while they were working on their tan.