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This has got to be illegal - 140cc ct110

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Salad Cycle, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Course it can. Why would it not be?

    Whether this particular example has the necessary modification permits to make it so is another matter, but there's no reason why it couldn't.
  2. I suspect the cops won't really care about this one.
  3. Oh no, it might get to 90. Off a cliff.
  4. I am thinking they would need to have an engineer's certificate for a engine swap where the power output is above 15% increase. I figure there must be big fines for non compliance.
  5. will a thumpstar 140 even have more power than the stocker 110?
  6. Dunno what other states are like but WA used to allow 25% without an engineer (which this probably sorta meets). Regardless of theoretical penalties, the worst you're likely to cop is a canary. Given that the thing still resembles a CT110, I'd be very surprised if anyone in authority ever noticed or cared unless you mowed down a bus queue of preschoolers or something.
  7. Aye, Pat....it sort of depends on what you do with it when you look at the seriously wee bikes.

    When I had my Z50 Honda, it grew to 88cc, from the original 49, but, with trick cam, head work, good exhaust and carbie, it was producing four times the original horsepower.

    When you start with only 2.4, it ain't real hard!

    The nearest I got to being picked on was at an RBT.

    Once I had past the test........don't you just love it that the constabulary care that I am still breathing?..... one of the cops asked me what capacity the baby Honda was.

    I asked him, in return, is that an official question or are you just curious.

    He just waved me off.
  8. Engine mounts dont line up properly with the frame so if its done wrong it will be messy..
  9. 15% increase in cc for nsw as i was looking at upgrading the madass at one stage

    The ad says sold
  10. Salad's cunning plan worked, and he's currently grinning his way to the bank.
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