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This has got takamii written all over it

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by smileedude, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. LED Helmets, why haven't you thought of this tak? Although I would hope that you gave it a lot more style.


  2. Looks like it would suit people on a scooter...
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  3. why cant cyclysts use blinkers and indicators like those on motorbikes, with the charge coming from pedal power.......all these tilting heads to communicate which direction you want to go could be confusing...........imagine cyling through a street filled with beauties id be flashing left and right :).
  4. Because Takamii isnt a flamin homo...
  5. gay

  6. The Dutch need to stick to reclaiming land
  7. Err... he has thought of it.. nothing as fugly as the one in the report though!

    He's put some led's in the spoiler of one of his helmets, looks great, I want!
  8. won't he have issues using certain colours like Red, Green, Blue etc.

    And what kind of name is Wouter Walmink anyway
  9. cant open link, must be shit lol
  10. probably... can't remember what colours he used... I'll just wait for him to pipe up on the thread..

    Either way I really liked his prototype and WANT as think they are a great idea. Look cool too. MUCH more cool than that dorky bicycle helmet... pastel.. what were they thinking?

    As for the name hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa
  11. *vomit*
  12. After seeing how awesome* the cycling infrastructure is in the Netherlands, I'm surprised he'd want to cycle anywhere in Melbourne.

    * Cycling paths are completely segregated from pedestrian paths, and the roads.
  13. Motorists attitudes are much better over there too.
  14. Oh Whoops i was referring to the Cyclist fella actually. I kow Tak has done a tonne of research into what colours can be used for his lightcycle set ups so I reckon he would have applied the same amount of effort into any helmet lighting.
  15. I have a cyclist friend who has done this and tried to market it. Basically, his cycling buddies hated the idea, prefer not to signal.
  16. Oh man it's Monday, maybe two coffee's weren't enough for me this morning...

    haha, yeah I know you were referring woetner woustos... or whatever he is called.

    addit... two seconds later
    Oh Duh... I just read it again about the colours... lol... yeah I think I need another coffee..

    p.s, this is my 99th post on netrider... I hope my 100th post will be intelligent and informative...

    hahahahah :angel:
  17. hahahahaha all good mate\
    just fire away all gund blazing for the big 100 !!!
  18. looks rather gay.
  19. totally
  20. To be fair, if I saw someone riding with something similar like that, I'd be looking for the crashed and burning drug disposal truck up ahead.