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This guy should have been wearing motorcycle boots

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. #1 nightgash, Sep 2, 2007
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    Look at how easy his sneakers come off as they scrape across the pavement.

  2. Ewwww!!!! :shock:

    Now I know why I have been grounded this week-
    waiting for my new seat AND for my boots to be resoled!
  3. I have also seen pics of where a foot peg has gone in to someones leg, if he of been wearing proper boots this most likely would have been avoided..
  4. wasn't this one?

    speedfreakinc <<<pics are NSFW!

  5. eeek- I need some boots... *damn student budget...
  6. ...and full face helmets... :shock:
  7. 7.5

    he did a few barrel rolls, but he could have finished it off with a halk pike

    Cheers :cool:
  8. f*ckwit squids. let 'em die.
    Accidents are God's way of getting rid of stupid people
  9. ^^^^ harsh but fair^^^^^
  10. If only we could take the warning labels off everything.
  11. Let them do what they want, I say. Sure, I dont like seeing squids, but the way I figure it, if you ignore them long enough they'll all kill themselves off and then you wont have to see them around anyway.

    Problem Solved! :LOL:
  12. why do you judge squids?

    I occasionally squid, granted i ride vastly different to what i do in my protective gear, that said, its my choice to squid or not to squid.

    I find tools getting around in one piece leathers in the summer with untouched knees to be a bigger joke than squids.
  13. I'm sure that when the car runs that red light and cleans you up, God (or whatever deity you choose) will look down on you and say "Oh look! A careful squid! I'll let him off with a bruise and a scratched fairing"

    Yep. my knees are untouched. don't need to get mine down below @ 140-150 just to impress the tryhards
  14. :applause: S&S

  15. If a car ran a redlight and took out a bike, im pretty sure road rash would be the least of their problems.

    Nothing wrong with squiding and nothing wrong with those who wear full leathers in days you wish you were in a pool or something. They all have similar risks but in different ways and i shouldn't have to explain this to anyone and if you can't work it out..........
  16. ...there's a little matter of additional infections... :-k ...not in the slightest bit a trivial complication.

    Not raising a case for or against, just balancing out your broad statement.

  17. I assume there going to all the time anyway...especially when squiding.

    Eitherway, lol at your untouched knees, dont act like there untouched because you dont want to...lol mr my "bus" does 0-200km in 5 seconds...
  18. Dunno what's funnier, flying by to make outrageous comments just to bait the tards or reading the responses.lol
    Yes the bus goes great guns. thanks for looking up my posts!
    Did your Duc come with a free pair of cords, a roll neck jumper and pair of rectangle reading glasses? :wink:
  19. A question is it true if you fall off at say 100 km/h and land on your skin can it grind it down to the bone? Also I've heard people putting their hands down to stop and actually grinding fingers away? Is that a little over the top or would that happen at speed with hardly any cloths on? (even riding naked :eek: )
  20. I put a post up a while back (Ask Booth, read them all) about a girl in the states who came off,wearing a singlet or t-shirt (think it was @ 80km/hr). She went down on her LHS. ground off her left breast back to the rib cage as well some bark in other places.
    there were pics on the linked pages.
    But hey, scars are cool. years of agonising skin graft surgery isn't, but the scars are.... :shock: