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This guy is soft

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by RRdevil, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Made me lol

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  2. Bahaha that is classic. I would be tempted to knee it in the face once I have it by the horns, but that's just me
  3. Does that bike have Ram air?
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  4. Needs a bit of Crocodile Dundee in him that bloke.
  5. Must have had the camera on top of his helmet, otherwise he could have got down on all fours and let him take his best shot..... from the front!
  6. aw damnit I was just about to post that hahaha. As a city slicker can't say how I would have handled that lol
  7. Do you have something against your kneecaps?

    Grab horns, pin it's body between your legs, reach down between its back and front legs, grab it's rear legs and push forward/up and lift. Do it right and you won't even put your back out. Walla, you are now carrying a ram in a (mostly) safe way.

    Walk down the track a few meters, drop the stupid thing on it's ass and give it a kick for good measure.
  8. must have forgotten his gum boots
  9. This is so funny, love how he keeps looking back at the end as the Ram is chasing him down again. I have tears!
    Thanks for posting RRD :LOL:
  10. God knows I'd have done the same.. lol.. That little f**ker looks crazy as - it probably doesn't know it can be roasted..
  11. well riding in the bush, even green-laning, in a T-Shirt and no gloves doesn't give you much weaponry when confronted with angry livestock, does it?
  12. Assault and theft.
    A man wearing a Hello Kitty top was today pushed off his motorbike and assaulted by a Biily Goat who has territorial issues and hates kittens.

    Police are seeking information from anyone who may have seen a Billy Goat riding around on a white dirtbike. They advise, do not approach the goat as he is horny and dangerous.
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    Billy Goat:


  14. Turns out the guys a Kiwi ... so we know the ram was acting in self defense
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  15. the Ram would have won.

    i would have gone back to the house and come back with a .308 and made myself a lovely sheep skin seat cover and some mutton stew
  16. I clearly don't know my sheep from my goats. Duh!
  17. The lengths people will go to to protect their marijuana crop!
  18. If it does, then that's a bahgain.
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  19. Nah.....this bloke looks like he'd lose "Knifey, spoony" every time...

    Funny as fark vid Devil Man.