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This guy has spent far too long watching Transformers!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hornet, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Shamelessly ripped off from Illawarra Riders, checkout this bizzare mode of transport. And they say bikes are dangerous :LOL: :shock:.

  2. This is like ground hog day.
  3. The rider must of shit himself when the guy gained on him at the end of the tunnel and also when the other rider got overtaken.
  4. I know I would shit my self if I'd seen him in my mirrors. On an other note, Does anyone know where it was filmed? look like a great stretch of road. Im thinking central europe maybe.
  5. that guy has balls.... slowing down seems to be the main problem lol
  6. you reckon? hornet, its about the fifth time in the last month or two that (or very similar) has been posted. first time I saw it on here was well over six months ago but apparently first posting of it was well before that as well.
  7. People have been doing that for years. Crazy people.
  8. Please show me where, I spend more time here than most, and I don't remember seeing it. And even so, how does 'similar' make it unworthy of being posted :?
  9. my apologies, folks
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  11. by similar, I assume its the same guy, but he's "racing" a motorbike on a downhill road. between the two of the vids, off the top of my head they have been posted 4 times in last two months, maybe bit more, hence morbo's 'groundhog day' reply.
    nb. the four times includes the two vids being posted in the same thread, so maybe only two or three threads.

    edit: just seen stewies reply.
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    Now that is cool.

    Rollerpenisskatelugetobogganbladeboardskateman is forgiven because of this link.

  13. i thought evil kanevil was mad
  14. Jesus Christ! Every ****ing month, regular as clockwork, human bobsled man!


    It's like the netrider rick-roll
  15. #17 grange, Jan 15, 2010
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  16. Since when has an apology been an occasion for ridicule, Grange? I'm glad I don't live in your world :roll:
  17. Since when have you lost your sense of humour paul.

    Also, multimedia is for bike related photo's, videos, e.t.c., this video in its essence is not bike related at all.
  18. Since when have you lost your sense of humour paul.

    Just since I found it offensive in the extreme to be ridiculed after apologising, that's when.

    As to the rest, who cares???????