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This guy has scored the lot!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Another great media result for riders and Kawasaki

    Read the tally of his charges! :shock: and only a learner too!

    Motorcycle hoon claims brain snapped


  2. He needed to have a brain before it snapped.
    That was just brainless.
  3. KX10?

    Isn't the Kawasaki KX110 a kids dirt-bike? ... 150km/hr?
  4. hahaa...would love to have been in his head at that moment when he saw the bike cop beside him. :LOL:
  5. I'm with smee with his anaylsis :roll:

    Bet there's more to the story too, probably his mate's bike and he's on some stupid dare, or something....

    This bozo's not far behind him, either...


    VICTORIA'S fastest recorded speeding driver has been jailed for at least three months after clocking 255 km/h in his high performance car as he led police on an interstate pursuit.
  6. The bloke has no money but got a loan over the internet to buy the car [Subaru WRX STi]... well he just woke up that day and decided "F*&$ it." didn't he? :p
  7. And what's more, learners in WA aren't allowed to ride without a fully licensed rider alongside
  8. But there was. The police patrol bike. :p
  9. hmmm, the "brain snap" excuse, a phenomenon of late?!

    bloody women! :p
  10. It's idiots like him that make ALL of us look bad. Throw the book at him I say. Hopefully they'll ban him for at least a couple of years. Although it doesn't seem as if that will stop him. What a moron!!

    I'm sure there is other charges they could add too, like speeding (why wasn't this mentioned) and failure to indicate.
  11. Haha, good call!

    Idiots like this piss me off, not because they are risking their life and license but they just make it harder for normal riders to overcome the hoon image.
  12. Not really. Everyone here seems to worry when a motorcyclist does something bad, as though it reflects upon him. It doesn't, or at least not any more than a cager doing something stupid reflects upon every car driver in Australia. Tell the next cager who suggests it to fcuk off, or, better yet, punch him and explain that you were just getting yours back for that cager who nearly ran you off the road last year.
  13. That part sure isn't anything out of the ordinary - if cars can do it, why can't bikes? :p
  14. In fact as I recall it is law to cross from most left hand to righthand lane once per 100m, and just weave between for your journey. The only other rule is you MUST time it so that you're on the opposite lane to the freeway exit you need, 10m before the exit.

    Reminds me of a family guy quote:

    "Asian woman: How much notice I need give before crossing 8 lanes traffic? None? OK, good luck everybody else!"

  15. [​IMG][/img]