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NSW This goes some way to answering some questions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, May 9, 2011.

  1. I'm sure it's not just advancing years that had me thinking that vehicles are being written off with very little damage these days


  2. My understanding is that a vehicle is written off if:

    * There is any structural damage or defects
    * The cost to repair the vehicle is greater than half it's value

    This is straight from Redbook for an auto (assuming it is auto, if not the price will be reduced) 2001 pulsar lx.

    Private Price Guide $4,200 - $5,700

    * Trade In Price Guide $2,100 - $3,600

    * Average Km 150,000 - 250,000

    Price Guide $22,390* Price Guide

    Without any formal qualifications most people would agree that the car in the picture needs at the very lease a new rear bar and a new boot lid with spoiler. Ofcourse we can not know how much damage there is outside of cosmetic. If the rear guards/quarter panels are damaged or chassis has been damaged etc. But based on a bar and a boot lid with a spoiler, all the clips, hinges etc etc paint matching blah blah I can estimate that cost to repair this car could potentially exceed $2,850.

    I had a minor accident (less than 25km/h) in a Toyota Corrolla about 2 years ago. At the time the car was new and the repairer said "There is no seriouse damage, just cosmetic." Basicly they replaced the front bumper bar - THAT's IT. Total cost to other guys insurance company was $1870 odd dollars. Thats a bumper bar, fitting, all the clips, colour and labour.
  3. I'm not sure if a 10yo, less than stunning Pulsar with a fairly significant clout up the arse is a terribly good example of a vehicle being written off for a triviality.

    I smell Limited News beatup.

    Edit: Oh yes, and that looks more like it's been reversed into a post rather than being hit by another vehicle.
  4. This is a media beat up. When it was announced that there would be no more repairable writeoffs in NSW, they were whinging that more cars would be repaired because the value at auctions would go to zero.

    Now it is the opposite.

    It is a 2001 pulsar no wonder it comes to a uneconomical write off. Those things are piles of junk that no one wants as Bikerboy has pointed out it is only worth about $5K.
  5. My mate bought a car that was on the written-off vehicles list because it had been keyed over every panel and the cost to respray all of them would be more than the car's worth. Absolutely nothing wrong with it mechanically.
  6. This reminds me, my sister ran in to the back of someone at low speed and there was no damage to her car, but the back of there's looked like this. I said it must have been from a pole or something, and told my dad/sister they should refuse to pay. My sister also said how afterwards they said that they lied about who was driving, and the woman would only show her husband's licence and not her own. Dad and Sister went to the cop shop and filed the report, had her mate as a witness to attest that it was the wife driving.

    When they were told the police report had been filed they suddenly didn't want to go to the insurance company.