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This FRIDAY afternoon

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I am planning to leave work early tomorrow, say around 1:00pm. Anyone interested in grabbing a beer in town or meet at South Bank Early?

  2. what time do you guys normally meat at Southbank.......assuming i can find a park for the car...i might come and have a look at some of your rides...see whats around.. and of course say hi.
  3. Hey Drew,

    I dont go often and have not been for a couple of months. But, people usuallu start rolling in after 4:30pm
  4. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4027
  5. So i just look for the pile o'bikers huh?

    I gotta park the 4 wheeler somplace and the city isn't really good for that.
  6. Last time i took the cage (3 weeks ago) I parked under Southgate. Paked there for just under 2 hours and it cost $8
  7. So, is anybody joining me for a drink or two.
  8. have to look at the melways, don't really know that area of town very well yet....don't go through the city much....try to go around it when I can.,

    So where exactly is Southgate???? i know the areas as SouthBank....is it the area arounbd crown or something else? (excuse ingorance of popular areas)

  9. Best way to get your bearings.
    Go to flinders street station and look across the river.
    Directly across is where all the netriders will be.
    At least you will have an idea of where they are.
    In order to ride your bike there you have to go from city road which becomes alexander parade.
  10. Mitch, I finish work at about 2.30pm or so and would be in at south bank at around 3 if that is ok. Normally I would go home and come back again but rather than fight the traffic I could just come in and chew the fat with you for a couple of hours till everyone else turns up.
  11. well i know where all the cafe's are along the river there. So i'll just look for the bikes. Te car is a problem though......might just leave it at woprk and train it to flinders St. Work is just arount the corner from nth melb station so its not much of a stretch.
  12. Hey Scumbag, cool, so you there about 3:00pm tomorrow.

    By the way, have we met? :)
  13. Oh yes, I ride the red Ducati ST2. Was living in Werribee until a couple of weeks ago.

    Might be a little after 3pm due to work committments but will be there outside the Bear Brass as soon as possible after 3.

    :D :D :D :D
  14. Dude if I can escape the wrath of work I'll come down early for a few, got a night out on the piss tomorrow night so a few warm up drinks never go astray.
  15. drew , take a helmet with you and get one of the blokes to drop you back at work as a pillion
  16. good idea.......if i had a helmet that is....

    not quite a member of the "club" yet
  17. Bring your lid, If I can leave early from work I can pick you up. I work on Dynon Rd

    Edit: I'll bring a spare lid :p
  18. Excellent, see you guys there around 3......
  19. Would be great......what time do you usually finish up at Southbank?? i just have to drive back to Bendigo afterwards. And do you go back to same way to go home....don't want to put you out or anything.
  20. Park at the Cashino and walk in (it's only a few 100 metres). Cant remember the price but it was a fixed rate to park and at 2-5pm it wont have filled up with all the people wanting to lose their hard earned to Kerry Packer just yet.