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N/A | National This doesn't sound good... an 'ill wind' and all that

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Rogues, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. pinched off the GSX forum.......

  2. Living in Victoria must be a real hoot? ;)
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  3. First they took our guns. Carnts.
  4. I'm amazed that supersafe Victoria hasn't had yearly rego inspections before now. It's easy for unroadworthy vehicles to get around for a long time. By unroadworthy, I mean with mechanical issues that actually make it unsafe rather than things like a pipe that's a bit loud.

    Taking things quite as far as it sounds like they're doing doesn't sound so good. NSW car inspections have to have a printout from a brake tester, and it's a good way of getting an annual checkup of the state of some important mechanical parts.

    But if they take it too far, being all innovative like Vic is, it might cost more than it should and be a burden on Inspection places as well. Inspection here is about $30 or so, so it's no real biggy.
  5. hmmm. Strictly speaking, in NSW a workshop is not supposed to provide a roadworthy if the exhaust isn't compliant but like many things in NSW it's not a problem unless the rider/driver makes themselves a problem. Not always true, but generally. Photo's of exhausts definitely do not need to be taken.

    Anyone keen for a spot of riveting?
  6. RACV is dead against the yearly RWC. There's no proof that it does anything for safety except cost a lot of money and waste a lot of people's time.

    I might shoot RACV a message to fire them up about this rumour.
  7. No proof?

    About a million Pink Slip fails over the last ten years with needed repairs (or things like new tyres) listed before rego inspection was passed would be an easy place to start.

    Knowing you have a rego inpection tends to make you prioritize the upkeep of your vehicle(s) a little more like you should. Some do anyway, but plenty don't.

    There are people who drive around in Vic, and with their children in the car, with tyres so worn that the steel belts are showing. Or so they've said...

    I bought a cheap Vic rego'd ute once that had a hole in floor on the driver's side, and another that had all the handbrake bits missing all the way to the inside of the rear brake drum. Also a hole was hacked in the transmission hump where they'd swapped from a column to a floor shift. No rubbers on any of the pedals either. I had to sort this stuff and possibly a couple of other things I might have since forgotten before I could pass rego.
  8. They had this in England ( every 12 months RWC test ) when I lived there back in the eightie's and may still do . Just one big money spinner .
    remember these GST on the invoice so more tax to pay .
  9. Yeah, about $3 GST once a year. There goes my retirement savings.
  10. @Wayned its all about getting the pipes YOU want off your bike and confomning to what the government tells you '' you must have .its just one more choose being taken away form the rider .they are slowly chipping away at what we have..
  11. Well you've kept you're stock pipes, right?
  12. guess we wont see any more Harleys on the road then..... Hmmm? :rolleyes:
  13. No Lilley my bike came second hand without the original pipes .. but I can live with that
    I was more concerned about all the other riders in vic .

    I would do the RWC and take the bike home and put the staintunes back on again . and the same every 12 months if this comes in

    You can;t let the bastards get your down . whats happening to motorcycling in this state is a disgrace and if we stand by and just watch it will be a very different world in 3 years .
  14. Both my road bikes are over 25 years old, there is zero chance of finding stock pipes for them.
  15. Gotta love QLD.
    Hey... not all bad being backwards.
  16. Well I'm in the ACT, still pretty easy here. My bike clearly states the exhaust is 96db at what ever rpm it mentions, wonder what they'll think of that?
  17. Sorry Wayne, there's no proof that the yearly RWC has had any bearing on the road toll. Every time this has come up for Victoria, RACV has come out guns blazing with that stat. If they've changed their tune, I'm not aware of it.
  18. In W.A when I was there the Government said exactly the same thing, yearly roadworthy's are an expensive waste of time.
    Mechanical failure is rarely a major cause of crashes.
  19. You are aware that you can still have aftermarket pipes.

    Does that include bald tyres? I would have thought that is pretty common at least contributory.

    You guys haven't worked out that the reason they are taking pics is so when you get pulled over they can compare? Swapping over for the test isn't going to help.