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This does not help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jem, May 5, 2012.

  1. On the age today-


    Really does not do us any favours given what else is going on at the moment.

    Cheers Jeremy
  2. It's always going to happen and it's always going to be reported, not much you can do about it except to keep your own nose clean and roll your eyes.....
  3. When are they going to learn ?
  4. Next time they will squash his bike, Might make him sit up and take notice,
  5. I'll say this to you, the only time it's ever going to stop is when they ban motorcycles, so get used to it. It happened long before you ever considered a life on two wheels.

    Point 2. In the eyes of the law it doesn't matter if we go 1k over or 100k's over, we're all breaking the law.

    Point 3. Who gives a fuck if we have a hoon element amongst us? There is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it except come onto Nerdrider and beat your chest about it. You don't win points by painting yourself as an angel, given time the truth comes out.

    Last point. The excessive has been used as a reason to go after the moderate, and now the moderate are being used to go after the conservative.

    It's the popo's job to go after anybody breaking the law. It's our job to change the laws that require breaking to stay safe.

    Stay focused, they want nothing more than to distract you and divide you.

    You really need to get on a bigger bike muffin. Don't say anything now that you're going to regret later.
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  6. I don't think my Ninja 250r would go 190kph......
  7. Turbo,
  8. Is there anyone who owns/has owned a bike that is capable of going over 200km/h who hasn't tried to see how fast it will go? - Anyone who claims they haven't is a goddamn liar.
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  9. Mine does that in second gear, and there is six of them,

    Not that I would,
  10. I had a Hayabusa and a GoPro Hero...

    Not on a public road, of course... :---)
  11. The Busa is 30 kays faster than a Blackbird, and 100 cc bigger, So your second gear would be about the same as mine,

    But I leave that speeding stuff to the blokes on the track, where it belongs,
  12. The stupid arskhole is SO stupid, that even drivers will hopefully see him, as an individual case, and not representative of the greater bike community.

    To have a winge...it always dumbfounds me, how we see drivers doing really stupid crap, AND killing people, seldom, but regularly.
    Now, you don't see bikers, herassing drivers, cutting them off, throwing abuse etc etc...

    Yet drivers will read about this moron, and act as if all bikers should be taught a lesson, so we'll cop a bunch of crap from idiot drivers.

    No need to answer. The questions are rhetorical. :)
  13. Speak for yourself, and don't you dare call me a liar. Not all of us feel the need to ride at high speed just because th bike can physically do it.
  14. Does it do us any harm? Serious question.

    This shit has been going on, literally, for decades, & no amount of advocacy work here in Vic seems to have a made any progress, so I don't think this guy is setting back the cause.

    Are you seriously saying you never have & never will see what the top speed of any motorcycle you will ever own?

    If you are a LAMS rider I am going to laugh at you.

    Actually, both of LAMS bikes were capable of an indicated 100mph with a long enough run up, if you own a bike with any semblence of performance, I am going to laugh at you.
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  15. Ironic he was caught on Police Road.

    He was on a learners permit, what bike did he own? It didn't say in the list of offenses that he was charge with riding a motorcycle not fit for his class of license. You would be running out of road before reaching those speeds on a LAMs bike.
  16. my gs500 witch is a lams bike can do about 160-180 on a stirght that is about 1km long
  17. Sorry. What I meant to say was, "Either a liar, a member of the Ulysses Club, or a total pussy."
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  18. Hi Jeremy,

    I know what you're driving at - and my gut reaction tends to be the same. But then its the same when I see anyone in a group I identify with doing something that I think of as stupid. Its a very normal, human reaction. As someone else has said - everyone slower than us is incompetent, everyone faster a maniac.

    But - its just the initial reaction, and further pondering is recommended.

    For example - when you hear of a cager booked for doing 120+ in a 60 zone, do we feel that all cagers are now tarred with that brush? Usually not - so why in this case do we feel like the behaviour of this rider reflects badly on us?

    I'm not saying we need to circle the wagons and support the person - but we also need to ensure that we dont act as apologists for them either - any more than cagers apologise for the idiots that SMIDSY us.


  19. Although the question isn't directed at me, I've only ever taken my bike up to speeds if been comfortable with on the road, i've never seen the top speed of my bike, i've come close but i wasn't going to push it just for the sake of saying "my bike can do xxxkm/h"
  20. Not many have called me a pussy. You would be among the few.
    Most of my time riding has been devoted to seeing how fast I can go around corners, not in straight lines. Somewhat defeats the point of riding imo. I know the bike can top out at significantly over 200. I don't need to make up for my erectile disfunction by testing it.
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