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This damned weather...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bcg, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Perhaps it should be in rants and raves but am I the only one who managed to actually go anywhere on two wheels this weekend just past?

    You know the weather has been bad when even a new BMW coughs, farts and carries on for the first 2 minutes because she hasn't been ridden in so long.
  2. I must have washed my bike a dozen times this month.. keep getting caught out by this horrible weather
  3. Sunny in Melbourne ....
  4. I'll keep the weather and you guys can keep the tram tracks. My only off involved rain, a red shitbox ford laser and tram tracks in North Fitzroy.
  5. I had to pick something up from Wollongong on Sunday, and the weather was holding ok so I came back via the national park. I saw a lot of nice bikes out enjoying the window of sunshine, and there was barely room to park a bike at bald hill lookout. Saw a few guys getting pulled over in the national park on my way back too.
  6. I managed to get a quick squirt down to the George at Picton and back from Sydney without getting rained on. Was happy enough for that.
  7. i went on a road trip weekend just been out to Taralga via crookwell ... not a drop of rain
  8. Sunny in Melbourne :)
  9. Still sunny in Melbourne..
  10. Yep, still sunny here to and looks good for the rest of the week!
    Fark, I hate Mel weather!!!
  11. Still sunny...wait........a breeze!
  12. Back to sunny again, ho hum.......
  13. Oh wait...is that a cloud?...no, back to sunny again.

    Geez, we're terrible Muriel!
  14. Fair's fair I suppose given we've even written songs about how shit your weather usually is :)
  15. Raining on and off in the gong at the moment... has been for the past couple of weeks... storms pretty much every night ..
  16. Overcast and cool in alice springs today. Was really hot the past few days. Had the bike tamp gauge up to 47c. Too hot for ATGATT.
  17. It's been 35-40 degrees for most of the past fortnight in Perth. I have definitely been getting reacquainted with my inner squid :)
  18. It's Mariel!
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  19. Couldn't have been much more beautiful up here this Sunday past. Went for a cruise, taking in the beach and the hills. Got slightly dumped on by some small black clouds on the way home, but dried off by the time we got there. Bring on the weekend! :cool:
  20. Looks good here for the rest of the week, getting hotter too!

    Jus sayin........