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This could be useful

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ._., Jun 8, 2012.

  1. http://phys.org/news/2012-06-math-professor-side-mirror-patent.html

    "Math professor's side mirror that eliminates 'blind spot' receives US patent"

    Obviously wouldn't eliminate the SMIDSY effect, but it would go a long way to helping those stuborn people who refuse to use their necks when changing lanes.
  2. Car's do not have blind spots in their mirrors. Do people honestly think that car companies spend millions of dollars designing a car and then can't design a mirror which can't see everything.

    Unfortunately most people just have no idea how to set a mirror.
  3. And why do people always assume that blind spots are behind the driver.

    The two biggest 'blind spots' on my wifes Suburu are the A plillars.
  4. It is scary how big these are getting. I was in a work car a few months a go and managed to completely not see a car. Luckily I looked twice but to have a car appear out of nowhere directly in front of you is frightening.
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  5. Same for Mrs K's Hyundai.
    The A pillars in that thing will hide a bike nicely, if it's coming from my right - I've been known to bang my head on the driver's window trying to see around the fucking things...
  6. A/B pillars are getting bigger...mainly for side impact safety and the ability to fit side airbags. Drove a new Falcon and I must say they are damn huge compared to my 96 Falcon.
  7. Ditto my old VS II commodore wagon versus my current VE MY2010 wagon. the current model A pillars SUCK!!!!! (The car also got a bad rating on the RACV blindspot test earlier this year.)

    Interestingly the fuel economy is about the same between the two cars, but the current car weighs 400kg more...
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  8. Kind of sounds like the old lighthouse optics trick. Still needs them to look in the mirror though.

    I really hate relying on technological solutions, but I'm tempted to think that a longer range modification on the parking beeper principle might be more effective than this.
  9. Yeah, something that doesn't rely upon human motivation to check. Something that's automatic.
  10. just wish they'd bring in a standardised height from the ground.
    and those big assed tradie ute mirrors should be banned
    those things really hurt
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  11. Modern engines and fuel systems run extremely lean to get the fuel economy, makes some of them delicate though, one bad batch of fuel and there she goes.