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*this* close to dead Shifty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Shifty, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. I ride to and from work every day, and regularly take the bike out on lunch. As you'd understand, it's often for no reason other than to go for a ride, and I often find myself returning without having had anything to eat.

    Aaaaaaaaaaanywho, today I was riding back after "lunch" (no food) and took the Hale Street offramp, which for those who aren't in Brisbane is a 45km/h signed curve with workable but fairly average visibility due to concrete barriers.

    I was rounding the curve, and just moved for the brakes to slow a little to take a small side road... when out of the ONE WAY side road came a car which then continued out onto the offramp, again ONE WAY being an offramp.

    I was doing somewhere around the advisory limit (and well under the 60km/h speed limit) and he was doing an "I'm lost" 20km/h. He clearly knew he was going the wrong way but seemed like it didn't matter that much. He casually came to a stop blocking my entire lane and causing me to do an effective but somewhat panicked emergency stop. I stopped about a foot from the front of his car.

    WHAT THE HELL IS IT WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I bet he's never had a speeding fine in his life, and prides himself on being a safe driver.

  2. Well, he is a safe driver if he never goes over 20kph.

    Speed cameras tell us the only dangerous driving is travelling 5kph over the speed limit. Everything else is safe.
  3. I,ve heard that sometimes you are allowed to just kill them. I,m sure I have.
  4. So how long did you hold the button for the horn down for before he even noticed you?
  5. holy crap shifty!!!
    I know and love that corner! how in this world did that guy get that mixed up??? What the!?!?!
    Glad you came out of it ok though. Pity you would've had to work the rest of the day in 'dirty' pants though :shock: :p :LOL:
    Of course he is a safe driver. he was doing a cautious 20kph AFTER passing the One Way sign the wrong way!
  6. I've seen people going in the right direction just stop there before but never coming out the wrong way. Some people don't deserve to be on the road. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be allowed on the road.
  7. yes, everybody except MG :rofl:
  8. ---------------------------------

    dear shifty,

    we hope we didn't cause you panic.

    we were filming our exciting reality tv show.

    you would have noticed the cameras about.

    you were not in any danger and perfectly safe.


    no hard feelings.


    chnl 7.

    p.s. don't forget to tune in on wednesday nights.


    god help us all!
  9. Who would get in a car with any of these. The driving is so bad I turn the TV off. I'm scared........................
  10. yes, i caught this last night and was appalled that this serious issue has been turned into entertainment!

    you SUCK, chnl 7!
  11. I think a TV show about incompetent learner drivers is in pretty poor taste after a mature aged L plater took out a bus stop full of people earlier this year.

    The other problem that I have with this and all shows of it's type (think worlds craziest drivers etc) is that it adds to the self delusion people have about their own driving ability. So we have people on the road who really don't respect driving the way they should, but believe that they are above average because they're not as bad as some twit on TV.
  12. Agree entirely with negatives about this show.
    We only watch it so we can point and laugh.
    Entertainment should not be about degrading others.

    What scares me the most is that they have no idea that they are driving a weapon of mass destruction. Everything is a laughing matter.

    And some of them get their licence!

    We should all be very scared.
  13. Well Dave thats absolutely true and I hadnt thought of it before. But what about the people who see the show and see nothing wrong with the driving?

    I must admit I have been watching it. But in the same way we sometimes ride up to Victoria st, and sit by the road and watch the accidents :) And for the same reasons.
  14. that show makes me scared for my life everytime I get on my bike.

    They should make a show 'australia's revoked licences' where they go around public carparks, intersections and one way streets are catch people doing retarded things in their cars / trucks etc and pull them out and administer endless beatings to the head and face with the road rules book until they give up their licence, which is then cut up in front of them. oh and their deathbox is squashed into a lil cube to make a nice trophy for them. 'oh look everyone I spent $10,000 on losing my licence' yay!

    I'd watch that :LOL:
  15. You are missing teh point, if they lose their licence, THEY DRIVE ANYWAY! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. in their cube?
  17. Perhaps best to leave them inside as it's cubed, just to be sure...
  19. This is what I really don't get.

    I've lived near the 'Gabba for a while and either side of the ground there is a four-lane one-way road (one Stanley St, the other Vulture St). With regularity (say, once every 4-6 weeks) I see someone going the wrong way. It'd be pretty hard to get wrong but I guess in a way it's reasonable that if you didn't know the area you might assume that on a big road the left-most lane is OK to travel in. A bit of a stretch but I'm trying to think like Joe Average.

    However, on this one way street I have NO IDEA how he could have gotten it wrong. He must have KNOWN it was incorrect and but was just trying to find a short cut. If I could get my camera phone to work I'd take a photo... it is honestly astounding how he could have done it unknowingly.

    But as stated, he probably thinks he's a safe driver, and that me riding a motorcycle with many & various fines to my name is an idiot or "temporary resident".
  20. Agreed.

    They show these "learners" hitting parked cars in the street, running stop signs and nearly hitting pedestrians. They make light of all these extremely dangerous things and make it funny. I dont care if ALL the parked cars are placed there by Ch7, the point is that they are making light of a very serious situation.