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this bloody rain (Syd)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by idontlikemondays, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. "this fcuken rain, you could set your watch by this fcuking rain!"

    well, the long term forcast is a wet winter. three months of rain. in sydney we havent had a day in the last two weeks without significant precipiation. i dont see that changing in the near future.

    so i have decided, finally get round to fixing up the dirt bike (auto decomp system failure) and moth ball the storm.

    dont get me wrong, i still love twistie riding in the rain, but i had a habit of pushing a bit too much, and i really dont want to wear an insurance claim any time soon. besides hitting the trails and the bush in the rain is friggin heaps better than when its dry.

    so, how many people actually still hit the twisties during rain? infact how many poeple whoos out and catch the bus when its pissing down?
  2. Loooove riding in the rain! First time I ran the 'Spur in was in the pissing rain and it was awesome :wink:
  3. pet hate........fcukn rain :evil:
  4. Yesterday was a good day, one of few we are likely to get, I ran up the old road just for the hell of it before heading into work. Don't think it will be worth it today, the fog is rather thick in places.
  5. actually the old road is fcuken brilliant in the rain, no other riders, no cops and bugger all general traffic, i havent ever seen vis drop below 200 meters in the fog, except for up around cowan.

    its after the rain that the old road is bloody dicey.
  6. As you know mate I don't commute on bikes ever and therefore ride for pleasure rather than as a necessity, so rain = drive the car... Unless I just might have planned a trip away, and I get pisssed on from a geat height for the whole weekend. :cry:
  7. Yeah I'm still commuting in the rain. It REALLY makes you appreciate the dry weather though after riding in the wet, yesterday was awesome :D

    I'm totally over getting the SV wet and dirty though. Am starting a new job this week and if it works out I might get a cheap dirt bike for the winter commute, any suggestions?

    The worst weather I have ever ridden in was on the old pac in my fluro 'lookame' rainsuit. That was with ez, his last ride before going to Melbourne to join ze army. And it was fun :) Was cruising obviously (as always ;) ) and its enjoyable when you get into it.
  8. yeah,the old roads real good in the rain.. :roll:
    especially all that overbanding goin down the hill from pie in the sky..
  9. Don't mind the rain if I'm on a trip and have the gear on for it. Riding the twisties in the rain is ok once u get into a good quick rythm.
    Am supposed top be heading for Alice Springs (again!) this coming Wednesday, meeting up with a couple of mates who are already there doing the Finke & old Ghan road, then doing the Oodnadatta Track and Birdsville track, I won't be going now, it's pissing down up there, apparently a heap of spectators cars are bogged on the Finke track and the Finke race is in jeopardy of starting, during the prologue a heap of riders came down in the wet, several with neck injuries.
    Once that red dirt turns to mud, forget going anywhere. I could just imagine trying to lift my laden 1150GSA out of the mud,"NOT".

    Tex & Bundy
  10. It' seems to have been riding ever since I got the bike so I've just been going out every day anyway.
    Went for a ride with some guys from Central Coast Sports Bike Riders http://ccsbr.net today.
    Cruised up to Jerrys past Kulnura then back down the old road to PITS then back to Gosford.
    I don't think I'll ever dry out the gear :grin:
  11. Just as well we've got Global Warming or it would be even wetter.
  12. The road snakes are bloody awful in the wet. Was up there today and was amazed at the amount of squirming the rear end of the bike in front of me was doing. He said his front was doing the same. Not a nice feeling.
  13. yeah,been a few stacks up there lately on em..its just as bad when they get hot too..crazy..
  14. I've had my new bike now for about 1 week and have only been able to ride it once! I hate this rain! On the plus side I've had lots of time to clean the bike so its looking real shiny atm :grin:
  15. I am yet to buy wet weather gear and have been caught in a few heavy rains last week. My honest opinion is there is nothing I can do about it (right thrn) so just enjoy it, which I do (feel like a kid again). But im still learning so I don't go nearly as fast.. :grin:
  16. Going down the hill it was alright, on the way back up though :shock: worse than ever. Bike was walking itself all over the road, and at very mild lean angles. Good to see some new surface being laid though, hope that continues all the way to the bridge.
  17. haha, nice profile picture jake, can you do that on the thumper but? :LOL:

    the black snakes really dont bother me any more. ive gone down there a few times at night in the rain (there's fcuk all else to do in hornsby at night, the triangle gets boring after a while), it just added an extra complication to planning your lines through the bends especially when you cant really see em. its only a 5km section of the 40 km trip from berowra to the top, the rest of the road is in relatively good nick.

    been a few crashes up there of late? there was a stage last spring, when new forensic markings were layed down on a corner every couple of weeks...
  18. awww did the poor babies get wet

    fair weather biking should be outlawed :LOL:
    riding in the rain teaches good throttle control,safer road skills by thinking and looking further ahead

    good tyres , a bike in good condition , and a rider with a clear head = no problem when it rains after all it is only water

    if dickheads in cars sit up your chuff just pull over and let them pass no biggy

    many people in many countries ride rain hail or shine on roads a lot worse than our own

    you chose to ride a bike you chose to get wet occasionally

    suck it up and get on with it
  19. you must be very manly.
    i wish i was you. :LOL:
  20. I like riding in the rain... Or used to, until I discovered that I have to re-waterproof my "waterproof" overpants. :p