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This bikes a write-off? ..But theres nothing wrong with it?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by illusionary, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    I'm currently on the hunt for a 250cc bike, mainly the ZZR-250, and a mate's dad has bought a 'written off' bandit 250.

    Now written off is a overstatement. The bike has a few very light scratches on the side of the tail and engine casing. I'm pretty sure some part of the frame or something was slightly twisted, though I couldn't see anything obvious wrong when I sat on it. My friend's dad reckons he'll get it straightened easy enough and would sell it on to me for just under $3k, which seems pretty good for a 2000 model with something like 20k km's on it.

    Now my question is, could there be anything that might come around and bite me in the arse if I bought this bike? The dad thinks that maybe they previous owner dropped it on some grass on purpose, the owner's bike shop has declared it a write off so he could get a full replacement from the insurance company, and the bike shop has bought the bike back from the insurer and sold it on as a '(repairable?) write off'.

    I trust my friend's dad enough that he wouldn't sell me a dud bike, but I'm puzzled as to how a bike in such good nick is a write-off?

    Thoughts and opinions?
  2. check revs or the qld equivelant if its a statutory write off or a repairable write off. The former means you will not be able to re register it. The latter for 3 grand as you describe if its been fixed up is a good deal. If the bike is not stock it can be a pain to get back on the road.
  3. NVM

    just released gold coast is in QLD not NSW
  4. Hey illusionary,

    Before you buy the bike you should double-check with Queensland Transport to ensure the bike wasn't a safety write-off. Many bikes are done as 'policy write-offs' when they're fairly new (<2yrs or <1yr depending on insurer) and get non-trivial dings. Policy write-offs are OK and can be re-registered.

    Economic write-offs (sounds like the case with the ZZR-250 you refer to) are done when the insurer figures it would cost more to fix (or almost as much) than the bike is worth - i.e. they'd be up for (say) $2000 and the bike is only worth between $2000 and $3000 approx. They can be fixed and re-registered.

    As for the bike... if the frame/structural metal is damaged in any non-trivial way (i.e. bends, cuts etc... anything more than minor scratches) don't trust it.

    *edit* Oops, read OP post as a ZZR-250 not a bandit. I have no idea what they're worth but I assume its similar to the ZZR.

    As to the price, an '00 ZZR-250 with 20K on the clock isn't worth $3000, especially when it's damaged (and thus you're up for repair costs). You can pick up a brand new '07 one for $7300 + ORC. Also they've been discontinued in favour of the Ninja 250R (new version of the GPX250) so the only ones left new are last year's stock. Pay cash and you'll get it on-road for $6,800 or so.
  5. Cheers for the inputs. I'll get a check done if I decide to act on it

    Hopefully nothings too wrong with it!
  6. ........
  7. if its only insurance not total no probs

    but its your ass that will be riding this bent bike not the rego people, so its up to you not them if you want to
  8. Yeah, +1 on checking REVS. If it's a statutory write-off run a mile, since it can never be registered again and is therefore useless to you.

    I'd be leery of a bent and re-straightened frame, personally - think metal fatigue. As has been said, the price also seems highish for a damaged bike of that age, type and kms... have you checked Bikesales for other options?
  9. also consider that a bike that is a repairable write off may be harder to move on when it's time to upgrade :)
  10. resalel, something to think about.
  11. Dont just check your states REVS, check all states because the individual databases are not linked so although it might not show up on QLD list it may well be on WA or VIC lists.
  12. Not an issue with a Bandit, it has a steel frame (assuming it was done professionally). That said though Aus-delivered Bandits in good condition usually only fetch around 3.5k anyway private sale so I'd be wondering if the saving is worth the risk.
  13. Generally late model(2000) aust delivered bandits go between 4000-5000 for a good example.

    Mate ive got quite a few bandit 250 spares if you need any - almost a complete bike, so give me a yell if you need any. :)
  14. I've certainly seen them for less, but QLD prices could be different I guess.
  15. On bikesales they're going from $3700 to $5000 and all bar one are sub 2000 models.

    I'm not sure if its an aus delivered one though.

    I've now got a few more things added to my checklist, thanks guys :cool:
  16. thought id hijack this thread as its relavent
    got a keen buyer for my gsxr
    1 thing he wants to check the thing is straight which it is
    i got it checked over by bob martins b4 i vived and regoed it last year
    only ever got a scratch on the frame when it went down.

    now he wants someone to check it over b4 he buys it he believes me its all good but still wants it checked (ball buster)
    but the prob is bob martins is now shut,
    has any 1 got any ideas who to take it too?
    maybe a bike race shop or something? im near frankston any ideas???