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Thirty photos a second with a compact digicam?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, May 27, 2006.

  1. Thirty photos a second with a compact digicam?
    Staff Writer, CNET News.com

    Published: May 17, 2006, 9:00 PM PDT
    an Idaho-based chipmaker has come up with an 8-megapixel silicon imager for
    compact cameras that will allow cameras to shoot 10 8-megapixel pictures a
    second or 30 2-megapixel shots a second. The chip will also be capable of
    capturing video in the 720p format, which is the entry-level version of high

    Many current compact and even single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras do not
    provide this capability. Most cameras can take two to four shots a second at
    maximum resolution or 10 shots at lower resolution. Most also capture video
    at the 480-by-640 pixel resolution.

    Over the past two years, however, digital cameras have been undergoing a
    quiet internal revolution. Traditionally, (certain) camera makers produced
    their own chips. The expense and time involved in developing these chips,
    however, has prompted them to turn to outfits like Texas Instruments, NuCore
    and Micron to produce the imagers for their still cameras.

    Digital cameras have also switched from relying on charge coupled devices,
    or CCDs, for imagers to imagers made on standard silicon (CMOS) processes.
    While initially used to produce imagers for cheap cameras and cell phones,
    silicon imagers have steadily improved.

    The Micron imager sports pixels measuring 1.75 microns across. This is
    smaller than standard pixels: The reduction is possible because the pixels
    share electronic components. Micron has also developed a chip with pixels
    measuring 1.4 microns.

    The 8-megapixel chip, however, won't be seen in cameras for a while (though)
    Micron will start shipping samples to customers in the fall and kick off
    mass production in the first half of 2007.
  2. Wow, high def video as well, amazing stuff.
  3. That's very impressive!!! I wonder what the cost would be however??
  4. damn they are looking better and better!!

    I saw video camera's on a show like Sunrise or something earlier in the week and in the techno section (not doof doof music :p ) they were showing the latest digital video cameras and I think it was the sony that was HD recordable and had like a 30GB hard drive so you can store about 30hrs of footage at HD :shock:

    * buys overseas plane ticket to go and get one :wink:
  5. If it really was HD, then it would be using some fairly intense compression algorithm to get it down to 1gb per hour of footage. Sounds to me like either Sony are using MPEG4 compression of some sort (ala. divx, xvid, etc) or the numbers might be slightly off.

    HD footage takes up an obscene amount of space... just go look at the 1080i preview videos from Microsoft. 150-200mb for no more than a couple of minutes of footage.
  6. K maybe I got the camera mixed up :?
    They showed 3, one of them recorded straight to DVD... already similar on the market, other one records in HD, and the 3rd one had a 30GB hard drive that they said could take up to 30hrs of footage, thinking that is very low/average quality?

    I looked on the sunrise website but couldn't find any info on the Technology segment that they did... they take it off their site very quickly :(