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Thirdgear chain breaking tool

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Cris, May 26, 2015.

  1. Has anyone here tried one of these: http://thirdgear.com.au/heavy-duty-chain-cutter-riveting-tool-kit/ ? If so, is it robust enough to, you know, actually break chains?

    It's cheapish, but I've just been through 2 even cheaper ebay ones, both of which broke on first attempt, so I'm a bit over that. I would like the next one I buy to help me get my poor bike back on the road!
  2. Just grind the heads of the pins on your chain to remove with angle grinder simple!.
    You don't need a ( chain breaker tool for that)!
    Stay away from cheap shit chain breakers, as you've experienced they break every time and will cost you a lot more then a quality tool!

    Quality chain breaker and rivet tool set ( motion pro) will cost you around the 100+ mark but will last if you don't abuse it.
  3. Cheers Nick. I actually lost patience with the whole thing last night and had at the chain with a hacksaw (no angle grinder available), which did the job. I somehow had it fixed in my mind that I needed a special tool. And you're right. No more cheap crappy chinese tool sets for me.

    New chain will be on this morning and regardless of other commitments I will be out for a ride at some stage today. Bikes been off the road for over a week: withdrawal symptoms are severe.
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