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Third Times The Charm.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by X, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Okay I didn't know exactly where to put this thread so... here I am.

    I'm a VERY new rider hence most of the terms I'll be using will be layman's, excuse the no0bness.

    I've had my bike since Tuesday and have managed to have it dropped ... three times... >_>

    It''s a 2003 ZZR 250 that's done 51K K's and had only had a light drop once before.

    The first drop, asides from some obvious aesthetic damage and a misplaced gear shift (which we fix'd with a hammer :|) was fine.

    The second one was extremely minor and was just before for the last drop... which wasn't.

    In an empty car park at about 11PM I gave my mate a ride on my bike (had have NEVER ridden before), suffices to say it ended badly. Not entirely his fault, I'll attribute the crash to no0bness and the side of the footpath and it was a pretty epic drop.

    Damage wise the most disconcerting thing is the back brake which, although works fine, is bent inwards (towards the bike pretty bad). The front break leaver has been ground down close to an inch leaving the little ball on the end a faint memory :cry: . My front right (on which side the bike fell) indicator has a small shard missing. The mirror frame is cracked and displaced. And both sides of the fairings (excuse the misspelling >_> if any) are, from all the crashes, pretty scratched up.

    Hopefully all of the damage is cosmetic and no engine damage has occurred. At least I hope.

    I would like to get a rough quote on the cost of fixing some of these damages as well as any tips regarding self repair or engine damage.

    I'm pretty sure I've learnt some lessons here...

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Re: Three Times The Charm.

    They don't yet have a forum called: Things I Wish I Hadn't Done but there are some posts in General along those lines.

    Better you keep it quiet here where there won't be so many armchair critics.

    If you bought it from a shop go back there for a quote, or a recommendation where to go.

    Otherwise just call in at several shops till you get what you want.

    Levers are easy to replace, usually, both hand and foot ones. If they straighten (foot brake and gear lever ones are often steel and straightenable) then you are OK. Hand levers, being aluminium alloy, are slightly straightenable, but the alloy usually breaks or becomes too weak if it's a big bend.

    Is your mate paying?

    You will need professional help to do the plastic parts properly.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS I also like your calm, slightly sombre attitude. I can tell you have learned something...at a price. ;-)
  3. Just as trev said, give a few shops a call and see what quotes they give you.

    Or, you could try calling up a few wreckers and sourcing a second hand fairing in the same colour (if yours is a common colour). You never know, you might just get lucky!

    Good to hear you've learned your leasson :)

    I would also like to know if your mate is gonna help pay for some of the damage....
  4. Where in Melbourne are you? I know of a great guy in The Patch (a little further out than Ferntree Gully) that does plastic welding. He's a rider himself and has heaps of experience with bikes.

    His name's Dave, business is Plastic Advanced Welding ph 9756 6136 or 0402 996 769. He helped me out with my friend's car (don't ask) and did a nice job.

  5. It's all easily fixed, but make sure it's on your mate's docket, and think about who you hand your key to a little more next time.