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Third ride, first drop :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Vasc0, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hey all, just recently signed up here and got my Ls...also took delivery of an '11 Ninja 250R last week (will make a thread on that in the new ride section soon hopefully).

    Was on my way back from a friend's house in Mosman and heading uphill to a roundabout on a T-intersection (where I was heading into the 'T' if that makes sense), cruising and slowing down ready to stop/go depending on what the traffic was like...it's pretty busy, but I notice a BMW is coming from my left and turning right, so he should shield the traffic for me and enable me to go.

    I am still slowing down, probably only going about 5 km/h at this point and wait until he's about 3/4 through the turn before I start making my move into the roundabout to turn left...I make eye contact with him and all is good he seems to be exiting the roundabout...but then he pulls the car around at the last second and decides to do a u-turn on the roundabout. I hit the brakes, panic a little and put my foot down but being on a hill I really misjudge it, lose my balance and drop the bike ever so slowly. Managed to smash the left blinker and the gear lever is now a bit bent, a bit of fuel also seemed to leak out. Guy in the BMW also decided to just drive off as he saw me go down, awesome.

    Thankfully a very nice couple stopped behind me and helped me pull up the bike then wheel it off to the side of the road, made sure I was ok etc which was really good. I was fine but just really pissed off at myself because it was a very stupid drop. Rode it back home but initially I had to hold the starter for a few seconds before it would start, and then mid ride home realised the gear lever wasn't shifting down properly because it was lodged against the bike.

    The instructor's words have been drilled home for sure now...expect the unexpected, especially in the suburbs. I keep going over it in my head and I think it would have been stupid to stop, I did have a gap which I could have accelerated into so the decision to brake suddenly was the wrong one on my part (it was an action I would have taken in my car, but maybe not as appropriate on the bike).

    So anyway, I'm assuming my bike isn't technically road legal anymore with the front left blinker out? Will have to get that fixed ASAP if it isn't. Also, anyone have any suggestions on how to bend the gear lever back and straighten it out? I tried doing it with my hands but that was a bit of a fail, think I'll just take it to the mechanics across the road and maybe he'll be able to fix it for me.
  2. Glad you are Ok. Losing your footing on uneven ground is not unusual we have all done that :) As for whether you made the right decision to brake rather than accelerate you can alwyas second guess yourself after the fact. The lesson is one you have taken in I guess, expect the unexpected.

    Regarding the gear shift lever, you need more leverage to bend it back. A spanner may be able to clamp on to it and give you the leverage. Otherwise take it off, there is generally a screw that will loosen it on its shaft and let you remove it. Then take it across to the mechanics and they can straighten it in a vice.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll see if the mechanic can straighten it out while I'm there to get the indicator replaced.
  4. glad you're OK. roundabouts are dangerous. BMW's seem to be driven by idiots. as you get a bit more experience you'll learn to time it better. you need to prepare much earlier on a bike than you do in a car. if you did make a mistake it was probably 20 or so metres before you got there.
  5. First off, don't worry about the drop too much. Just don't do it again! :D Seems that alot of drops happen on uneven surfaces. To experienced riders too. (I know a fellow with a blade, he dropped it on his driveway simply because its on a slight slope... yeah, you're kicking yourself, imagine how much this guy was booting himself!!! :D)

    I think the bad decision was you assuming beemer would go a certain way. Like you say, you need to make a decision, but you need to make it one way or the other. The safer decision would be to stop. I would encourage you to stop if in doubt. especially at roundabouts. Cagers rarely know what the hell they are doing.

    No its not legal. You can't ride it like it is. You don't need legit kwaka parts though. You can buy from other companies. There are plenty of online stores out there where you can get perfect parts of less than half the cost.

    Stay upright!
  6. Damn dude that sucks! Did you scratch the fairings?
  7. Two very small scratches in the fairings...the drop was agonisingly slow. Good news, going on Saturday to get the indicator fixed...I still have the housing so maybe all I need is a new blinker/lens. If I need a whole new housing they said they can just use an aftermarket, so I should be back on the road this weekend (and will be much more paranoid)!
  8. damn that sucks bro :(...idiot beemer driver.

    glad to hear the bike isnt in too bad of shape...
  9. Rode out to Brookvale and the blinker is temporarily fixed while a new aftermarket one is being ordered in. Guys also straightened my gear lever, much easier to ride now! I'm also feeling much more confident on the bike, getting the hang of the clutch's bite point and able to start off the line a lot quicker. I still almost dropped it when trying to do a u-turn though! Mustn't rush these things!

    Big shout out to Brian O'Connor's motorbike repairs for their help today as well - found them through the netgear recommended area and they were great.