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Third gear top box

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rolski, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Has anyone fitted a third gear(brand name)topbox on a honda cb500f ?, they claim they fit on any bike.

  2. Not sure of the specifics of you bike but you'll need to mount the baseplate somewhere. I don't think the CB500f has a rear rack so you'll probably need to look at getting some form of rack mount. With a bit of fiddling I was able to get a third gear top box to fit the GIVI rack arms on my ER6n.
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  3. I don't have your bike, but I added a renntec rack to my bike so I could install a top box
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  4. I have a Ventura Rack on my bike, the base plate that comes with the Third Gear top box fitted easily. You'll need some sort of rack to fit the base plate to. The top box is very light and sturdy, but not to be used as a back rest for the pillion.
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  5. I had one seems to me they're cheap chinese crap; do they work? Yes. Are they quality? No, the lock would be trivial to overcome and they're a bit fragile if dropped.
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  6. Thanks guys, might do more research into it, sick of buying stuff, that's just been a wrong purchase, airhawk seat and helmet have been my recent stuff ups, live and learn hey.
  7. Why are you disappointed with the AirHawk? I've only heard good things about them.
  8. I'm interested in that too. I'm about to do some longer trips on my CB500F and was looking at them.
  9. BTW, I've had one of these on my bike since I got it in May 2013 and no complaints. RJays Super Top Box
    It gets used nearly every day of the week.
    It's mounted to the Honda 35L Top Box Base part number 08L71MGZJ00
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  10. Thanks for the brand reccomendation, Pugs,might have a look at the rjays topbox, I think being a shorty,the air hawke raises yr height a bit, and I felt since yr sitting on air u tend to move around a bit, I like my butt planted to the seat, maybe I didn't give it enough of a go, I know most people swear by them.
  11. m2c, having the CBR500R, I've been looking out for a good top box and decided to go with the SHAD SH40 Cargo with pannier friendly mount for when I get around to buying the panniers as well. Will post up my thought when it comes next week.
  12. The Rjays is cheap and cheerful.

    Which airhawke did you get? And by understanding of the way they're used you may have had a little too much air in it.
  13. Looki
    looking forward to yr product preview ,Don
  14. Air hawke DS sport model, I had minimal air, I tried it a handful of times, just not for me, I sold it a while ago, I'm looking at those Corbin custome seats, their not cheap thought!
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  15. 20150731_164411.
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  16. Be careful not to overload the topbox, remember its putting a fair bit of stress on the bike's rear frame, then with the bounce from the road....


    BTW Givi only rate their big 50L boxes at 10kg.
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  17. Ok RolskiRolski, got my SHAD SH40 Cargo today and set it up. Really easy to mount and seems very solid!

    Some pics of the install as it'll be the same for you...


    Attached Files:

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  18. Thanks, good effort, really easy to mount!,, that's what I like to hear
  19. Yeah, make sure you check all the attachment point and don't over load the connection points. Otherwise will snap.
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