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Third Gear Luggage

Discussion in 'Luggage' started by Funkmonkey, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Available either from their ebay store or website, and not sure how long this brand has been around, but last night i decided to shell out $38 for a small sized tank bag.

    Ordered it last night which was processed straight away, and decided to pick it up from their warehouse in Campbellfield, Victoria this afternoon. They also do free delivery via Australia Post anywhere in the country.

    Well i was glad i decided to pick it up, as i hadnt even got out of the driveway before the damn thing ripped at the seams. Back inside, and got a oh bugger sorry mate, and a replacement which the salesman commenced to give it a good hard tug at every seal possible, this time not too bad. On asking where they came from i got the response of Pakistan, no surprises there i guess.

    Anyway took it outside and tried again, the magnets are very secure, and dont mark up the tank at all as they are covered by er... not sure what they are made of to be honest, and the zips are all very easy to open/close both stationary and mobile. On top is a pocket supposedly specifically designed so you can see the screen on your mobile phone without dicking around. Well im not sure what mobile phone they used to design this because its a tiny little plastic thing in the middle of the fabric, pretty much useless for having your phone to use as a GPS or whatever.

    Its not a bad little item for smaller trips out and about good for maybe a small toolkit, wallet, phone, smokes, maybe a small cut lunch, but then again for less than $40 you cant really complain too much, and whilst it wasnt quite what i expected (The initial photo made it seem a fair bit larger) it does seem to do the job that is designed for.

    They also stock a range of larger luggage including full sized expandable tank bags for around $70. I will actually consider one of these provided this dinky little thing survives at least a good few months. For luggage on a budget (and as long as you dont mind sweat shop produced items) these seem to fit the bill.

    The Funk.
  2. woudl suggest you rub some beezwax on the zippers if it's poor quality then the wax will help prevent your zippers from jamming and failing.
  3. I got one of these 6 mths ago from ebay for 15 bucks and its a great little product. use it regularly, no tank scratches and it is very versatile. Considering how much i paid for it it is very well made as well. No problems as yet. The zippers loosen up with use.
  4. Zippers are fine on mine if a little too loose. might get one of the bigger ones when i have the cash.
  5. Well a couple of weeks later, and an update for you.
    Its shite. The bottom part where the magnet attaches to the tank near your nuts has worn through at both ends of the magnet, which is now threatening to fall out, and the zip for the main part of it is cactus and doesnt close at all without a lot of fiddling around.
    The weatherproofing is complete shit and has so far destroyed 2 of my paper RAAF visitors passes.
    On the upside, the supplier has been brilliant to deal with and has just told me to throw it out and he will process a refund for it, and has apologised for the quality after i sent him a few pics of the issue. I actually feel quite bad about it now as he seems to be a good bloke.
    Antoman also has had the same tankbag for months and his seems to be in top notch condition so i may have just ended up with a bad batch.
    Quite a shame too as it really was a great little unit, but still, its quickly becoming not fit for purpose.
    Never mind, ill keep looking for a better quality one!
  6. The seller has now refunded me and has said he will do me a student rate for any further purchases from him, and has actually taken heed of whats happened to the batch that he got, and is now switching suppliers himself, he is awaiting stock from a Chinese company on new stock. Also he is moving his store from Campbellfield to Brooklyn.
    Very nice chap, and actually cares about his business and where it goes. I would recommend you speak to him about your luggage needs.
  7. have you popped into AMX on Keilor Park Drive to have a look there? tis a reasonable ride from your place, western ring rd, pop off at keilor park drive, go left, over the calder then take first left after the BP servo, first driveway on your right and ride round to the front..
  8. Someone was telling me about them yesterday actually, they look like they have some decent prices! Ill definantly be checking them out at some stage. I only went with this guy originally to check it out, and decided to do a review on it. He is a good bloke whos keen on keeping customers and sorting out any problems rather than saying "No tough shit 7 day warranty only mate"
  9. I've got one of the larger ones and I'm quite happy with it.
    Admittedly I haven't used it that much but it does feel quite solid.
    Figured for around $50 with postage If it gave me much drama I could buy a better one.
  10. Mine gets more and more ****ed every time i look at it. The pouch that goes down near your balls to hold your walled is now half hanging off and the magnets are falling out.