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Thinking of upgrading from the VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dekkar, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I've been thinking of moving up from the VTR250.... I really love the style of the Triumph Speed Triple .... with the round lights.... the bug eyes still look a bit weird to me.

    Anyways, I know this bike has a fair bit of power, would it be a big mistake to move from a VTR250 to something that big? After riding for 2 years?

    Ive never ridden anything more powerful than my bike, so I have no idea how much of a difference it will make.... Just wanting some opinions from people that have more exp. than me!

  2. I jumped from a vtr250 to a z1000.. no issues yet.. i know others who have done the same.

    Treat the new bike with respect and it will reward you. Treat it with contempt and it'll hurt you. Fast.

    A bigger bike will teach you throttle control, and, if you want to keep your license, self control.

    I found with the vtr i could pin it pretty much everywhere and not be in too much danger of either losing my license or hurting myself too badly. ETA: even a small bike can hurt you though..

    The z however is very, very different. A little twist can easily get you into license losing territory. Too much, especially in first, and it wants to flip over backwards. I love it though. Oh my god do i love it.

    In short, if you think you're ready, then go for it... :) only do it if you can really trust yourself though.

    If i was giving advice to a 20yo me, i'd say hold off for a bit.. but if i was a 20yo me, knowing what it would be like, there's no way i'd take that advice... :)
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  3. I went from a VTR250 to the Tiger 1050 (same engine as the Speed Triple, and with a glasspack muffler the same amount of power too).

    As Gundy said, the bigger bikes need to be given much more respect than the VTR.

    They weigh more, which makes their handling a little slower than the smaller bikes. At 3000rpm they make the same amount of power as the VTR did at 11,000rpm.

    Overtaking isn't so much "passing" as "teleportation" - acceleration this rapid is both a blessing and a curse, as it requires one to plan much further ahead in terms of upcoming corners and other merges.

    On the bright side, with a big 1050cc engine you can trundle around town at 3000-5000rpm, short-shifting, and "only" have 40-60hp at your disposal while you're getting used to the bike. Plenty of lazy torque for commuting and carrying pillions.
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  4. I've read better things about the street triple for everyday use, and a few guys at work commute on them. Why don't you want a street triple?
  5. Yeah, a Street Triple makes more sense, it is also cheaper than a Speed Triple

    Go test ride a Street Triple. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face
  6. In the end, remember this.. Buy the bike you want, not the 'sensible choice' or the one everyone else thinks you should have. You'll end up hating it and wanting to sell in a few months.

    I also went from a VTR to a Z1000, and I didn't even test ride it. I loved the look, loved how it felt to sit on (comfy for someone with a crook back), and liked what I was hearing word of mouth. They weren't wrong, and I've never regretted buying this beast.

    People will tell you that a powerful bike can get you into trouble as well as out of trouble, both in a flash. My experience so far is that it's gotten me out of trouble FAR more often than into it, and when it does get me into it, it's me getting angry and pinging it too hard, so my own stupid fault. Here is the issue - one has to be mature enough to keep one's head at all times. Can be difficult, even for an 'oldie' like me (I'm 46).

    Good luck with your purchase, and take care getting used to it. It'll blow your mind!
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  7. Assuming you have only ridden a VTR250, I would never buy a bike without test riding at least 2 different bikes
    Write up a list of the bikes you like and test ride all of them.
    Test riding is fun
  8. Hi..... The street triple is OK...... But I love the look of the speed..... Maybe I should give em both a go and see....... Is there that much difference between the two?
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    Last edited: Dec 26, 2012
    Having test-rode the Street Triple 675 R a year ago....
    The Street Triple is the 100hp BMX bike you never had as a kid. At 187kg wet and fully fuelled, it's one of the most lightweight 600-800cc naked streetbikes on the market. The Duke 690 is lighter and... that's about all there is, really. Being 'only' 675cc, its power is hidden away at a higher rpm than the 1050cc bike, but the engine's fun to rev out. Sounds good.

    The older Speed Triple 1050 with the round headlights is heavier; about 230kg wet and fully fuelled. It has 55% more torque than the 675, and so it doesn't need so much revving to make brutal forward progress. The older Speed Triple has somewhat slower steering, whereas the recent redesign with the modern headlights has improved agility.

    Aside from that... A testride will tell you a lot more. :)
  10. The new Speedie is a better bike than the old model in terms of handling, fuelling and braking. These gains certainly outweigh the styling changes in my mind.