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Thinking of selling my VTR. Am I mad?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boingk, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Over the last few months I've been thinking more and more about selling my VTR1000 and getting my XR600 back. I'd get some cash out of the deal, still have a good stable of bikes and also be able to have off road fun again... but would lose the thrill of acceleration and speed that the VTR offers.

    Perhaps a good idea for my licence and wallet but not so much for the heart.

    So,am I utterly mad? Or does what I'm saying make sense?

    - boingk
  2. Personal preference... But I wouldn't do it for the money. You'll lose he difference in buying and selling.
  3. off-road provides a whole new realm of places for you to have fun, sure it will gut you not having the speed/power & handling capabilities of your current bike but your not selling yourself out of the road riding market, you still get the joys of lane splitting and in general hoon awesomeness plus the ability to have some fun in the twisties

    as said it's entirely personal preference but if you've reached a point where you've found yourself tired of the twisties on your bike and missing the ability to ride off-road then obviously go for the XR ....just don't be fooled into "the grass is always greener" scenario and buy the xr because your having a nostalgic moment when thinking about your old one.
  4. Thanks guys, think that's what I needed to hear.

    I'm still definitely thinking about selling the VTR, especially now I've got a GS850 again - it sport rides reasonably well and tours a lot better...both prime reasons I bought the VTR.

    I might wait and see, as I sold the XR to a mate and can getg it back more or less any time.

    Cheers - boingk
  5. Post up pictures
  6. Of the VTR? Here we go...

    Michelin Pilot Road's front and back, front 50% back 95%, Tutoro chain oiler, all the aftermarket bling including dash, paint, Superbike grips, bar ends, footpegs, tank/cap protector set, powdercoated rims and the piece de resistance... the Yoshimura RS3 exhaust. Overall mileage is nearing 35k and she's running very well. Recently had rear wheel bearings and front fork seals and oil replaced as part of a service.




    Great bike to ride, just don't think I can swing a vintage car (Chrysler Valiant) and three bikes.

    Cheers - boingk
  7. What year is it
  8. 2000 model, last of the carbied ones.

    Never had a problem starting when cold, pull choke on the lefthand side of the bike out, hit the button and you're good to go. Keep it on til you're outta the carpark and you're fine to turn it off.

    If you're worried about the camchain tensioner I've got the parts to retrofit it with a manual tensioner, but so far mine has no unwanted play or noise so I've left it alone.

    - boingk
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    Bikes arent as good as you remember. Test ride first.

    But having two bikes the same sucks. I think about a 400,there have been some nice husky motards coming up on gumtree lately for around $5k. You dont need a reliable bike when you have two.
  10. That Firestorm is lovely.
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    To add few disjointed thoughts for a Friday morning: I wouldn't want to own any of my previous bikes again. I've had the experience, enjoyed it and don't want to miss out on new opportunities by backtracking. If you're set on a big thumper there are plenty of old DRs, XTs etc about. But thats just me.

    Shouldn't the little chinese dirt squirter you've just orded be capable of a bit of light dirt touring once you have it sorted? (thats three by my count already). You might even find it a bit more fun that the heavy pig of an XR.

    On a practical note, nice as your VTR is - and it is a peach - the market is a bit flat at the moment, and early VTRs aren't sought after. You might be a bit dissappointed by what you'd get for it. That will probably improve as it warms up.

    Oh, and nice valiant. If it came from over Yass way I know a previous owner... ;)
  12. Good point mate, and cheers on the compliments everyone!

    I suppose I could always pick up a project XR at some point, and yeah I noticed the bike market is a bit average at the moment, usually happens in Winter though.

    The Val came fromGoulburn, I'm the second owner. The first guy was a country mechanic who passed away.

    - boingk
  13. Fabulous-looking bike, mate, it's a credit to you!
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  14. I asked my mate about the big XR and admitted he didn't ride it anymore.

    I went out and asked for a ride, found it hard to start (idle set too high - rookie mistake!) and then took it for a slap around the farm... you know... throwing 30ft roost everywhere and the odd casual jump or two at 80kmh or so.

    Asked mate if he wanted to sell... and he said a figure that was half of what I'd sold for. Deal done on the spot via bank transfer on my phone.

    Looks like I'll be keeping my VTR after all!

    Fûck yes!

    - boingk
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  15. Is that an old 80s Valiant in the background of the shot of your bike?
  16. ??? I have a 2004 and 2006 (build 05) Storm and they both have Carbies???

    For the OP, its a 2000 Storm, you'll be lucky to get between $3000 and $4000 for it
    A friend bought an 07 Storm with Hi-Rise Staintunes and 265000k's on the clock for $4000.

    Is it worth selling? Although, you have a few bikes and the Regos must be hurting.
  17. Yep, daily driver when I'm not using one of the bikes. She's a 1980 CM Valiant sedan, fitted with the 3spd columnshift auto and 245ci/4.0L straight six. Other trimmings include an underdash Pioneer stereo, factory tuned-length 6-2-1 headers, centre-offset straight-through muffler and HEMI vacuum sensing dizzy with a map for modern 95 octane coupled to inductive leads and a 90kv coil pack.

    She goes alright. You into Valiants, Hornet?

    Just looked it up and you're right. Huh, I thought the later models were EFI'd. Apparently not.

    Yeah rego is something to worry about but to be honest it isn't that bad. The worst of the lot is actually the Valiant - its a great old car but the powers that be are taxing it off the road. Probably be better in a year or two when I'm out of the insurance 'danger zone'.

    - boingk
  18. SV1000's were FI you were probably thinking of them.
  19. The SPs are FI
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  20. Ah, there we go.

    - boingk