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Thinking of selling my baby…

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lord nykon, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Well here’s the story.

    my little CBR 250 has served me well for the last year I have always looked after her and she has always looked after me.
    but due to a change of address and a new addition to the family I am thinking of selling my bike :(

    I have just gotten the 50k service and I am wondering how much my little blade would be worth.
    It’s a CBR250R 1989 its done around 50k I’ve always looked after her and tried to treat her nice but she has done a bit of work the first 36k I did ridding in the hills to and from school and around the place enjoying the freedom of having a beautiful bike the next 10k I did on the highway. She is running well she has a little cosmetic damage from when I dropped her at low speeds in the wet.

    So what I am looking for is either a rough price of what it would be worth and/or any reasons why I should keep it :)
  2. Riding it to school and now an addition to the family? What, did you decide to skip growing up altogether???
  3. If you're consumeables (chain, tyres, etc) are all good, you won't have trouble selling it for 4k.

    If it was me, thats how much I'd sell it for - would probably go semi-quick as well.
  4. Id agree with 4K. You will see people sell them for 6 (even for private sale) but IMO first time buyers have 5K to spend and want gear as well so pay 4 for the bike.
  5. +1
    is how i started. so if you market for those people you'll sell her relatively quick. good luck on the sale.
  6. Well, I just sold mine last month. Here are the details, to give you an idea...

    1992 build CBR 250RR
    Scratched RHS from low speed low-side
    Chain & sprockets only a few months old
    Pilot Active tyres - half? tread
    Replaced shock (from wrecker) & re-oiled forks
    Just had major service done - regular servicing (and books to prove it) since 28000km
    RWC included
    Rego 2 months to go
    Sold for $4500 (from BikePoint).

    I advertised $4500 at NR (mates rates); and $4850 neg at BikePoint, BikeSales & TradingPost. The deal was finalised 4 weeks after putting my ad up. In all the ads I was honest about the scratches and showed pics.