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thinking of selling my 05 zx6r?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GForce, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Ive only had this baby for 4 months now and its an awesome 600 but I am thinking of selling it to get a 1000. I am getting power hungry and am very confused of whether to stick to my 600 til next year or jump to a 1000. 600's you gotta give it a bit to get them going but 1000's go without effort, which i can use for everyday riding.

    very confused biker

  2. Put the two bikes next to each other and up to about 150kmh there'd be bugger all in it. I think you'd be a fool. :cool:
  3. I'm absolutely sure you're not using the 6 anywhere near its limits after this amount of time, so it might be worthwhile exploring that. But you're more talking about low down and not having to keep it in the powerband to do anything. For that, I guess it's a 1000 or a v-twin, and either way a change of bike. Whatever: you'll do a bunch of dough, but if you have it to do, do what ya wanna do.
  4. All depends on where you want the power, for commuting an shit around riding I'd prefer low torque over top end power.
  5. You don't NEED a 1,000 for commuting. Have a look at some of the naked 600 or even 675 around. They are retuned for lower torque. Also i hear the 750 from kwaka is pretty good as well.
  6. ^^ +1 to the above.

    The other obvious consideration is cost!

    Can you really justify the uh...extreme increase in insurance, tires, etc.?

    If the above isn't an issue for you, get whatever you want :grin:
  7. If you're wanting a litre bike for commuting with grunt, you'd want either a V2 (VTR1000, SV1000), or you'd want a pre-'04 inline-4. Almost all of the I4's from 2004 onwards have fairly crap low-range grunt 'cos that's the year that 1000cc I4's were allowed into WSBK, and so it's the year when the manufacturers all started tweaking for top-end power at the sacrifice of real-world usable low-end grunt.

    If you get a pre-'04 I4 litre-bike, that solves some of the issues of overall cost and insurance. Also, pre-'04 litre bikes tend to be more comfortable, 'cos once again, at that time they weren't primarily designed with racing as being the only thing that was important.
  8. Just a question on this. Lots of people and magazine articles saying this sort of thing, can't you change the bikes characteristics towards more low end torque with a power commander and a remap? Surely it can be dyno tuned to be more 'streetable' down low, with less top end zing.
  9. Usually it's a function of the airbox, cam-shaft lift profiles, intake stack length, exhaust headers, porting of the valves, and the exhaust can. It all relates to how the air moves through the entire system, and the back-pressure wave pulses that influences how easily the air gets in/out at various portions of the rev-range. There are somewhat complex harmonics that occur. It's less of a factor than in 2-stroke engines, but it's still an important factor.

    i.e. there are real physical changes to a bike to make it produce more power. By simply altering the EFI mapping, all you're doing is changing the air-fuel ratio when various things happen. That really only helps when you've changed some part of the air-flow system and the harmonics are different to what the EFI module currently expects. You can change a modern bike to have more low end grunt, but it involves changing physical items as well.
  10. ...or you could go one of the big nakeys.
  11. You're not suggesting a Hornet 900 are you?

    Yep would be a good choice, but if you like the boy racer look as opposed to the gentlemen hoon look then the H900 is not for you. :cool: :cool:
  12. An FZ1 would be a good naked choice as well.
  13. Sorry I am confused... how did Loz and the word Gentleman get mixed up in the same sentence?
  14. Huh the Hornet woke up and through him off :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Usually it's a function of the airbox, [/quote]

    Of course, changing the front and rear sprockets will alter the gearing and you can go taller or shorter depending on the desired effect.

    I went one tooth down in the front and one tooth up at the rear sprocket and the twin just launches off the lights.

    And when you ride around Tassie it also launches the rider when he mucks up a corner :p :grin: :cool:
  16. Just turbocharge it.
  17. Stop fart arsing around, and go and buy a ZX-14......

  18. i think the 6r has plenty of power for the track and handles very well too but im after more grunt through all the rev range esp the lower end. gsxr750 was my other option but it nearly cost as much as the 1000. my bike is pretty stock atm (only air k&n air filter) and was thinking of getting a exhaust and pc111 but i think it might be a waste of money. still thinking about it but ill see after i ride a few 1000s. im confused big time
  19. I commute to work and on 1000, however I also live in a coastal town and my commute is along 100 k roads with very little traffic. In Sydney I commute on a 250 small to dodge the traffic. I suppose the 600 is halfway.
    Look at where you are going to ride, don't rush into it, it's a bit of money.