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Thinking of quitting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Union8, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. today just got another fine thanks to the Vic police 130km/h in a 100 zone. I was just overtaking another cager this was instantaneous speed but those @@@@holes cannot be reasoned with, let put common sense to one side and just apply out dated laws on speed. The problem is that I struggle to keep to 80km/h or 100Km/h and believe me I was bored on S1000rr. i am at point that maybe I should stop riding on the road. :banghead: Please tell me that is not the solution.


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  2. If you struggle to keep to the speed limit, maybe it's time to see what can be done about changing your behavior and habits. Perhaps ride with those who stick to the road rules?

    If you think the offence was trivial, argue the same. The onus will be on you to show that the offence falls within s 70 Sentencing Act 1991. Legoe J in the unreported case of Freckelton v Gower said that "the offence will be trivial if there is no danger in fact and there is no real possibility or a cogent possibility of a potential for danger."

    The respondent in Owen v Connellan was travelling at over 150km/h and the magistrate said it was trivial. Police appealed the decision to the Supreme Court and lost.

    You also have the 2014 incident in Queensland where Warwick Fribance was captured on camera passing to close to the cyclist. His lawyer successfully argued there was no danger to the cyclist when the offence was committed. The court agreed and ordered the defendant be "convicted but not further punished".

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  3. I understand that it is very frustrating at times to stay within the speed limits. That is not only the case for the riders of powerful motorcycles , but also for the majority of cagers who drive modern cars, capable of doing 200km/h and more. Just make sure that you don't become a victim of your desire to speed and don't put anyone else at risk.
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    I once bought a bike and on day 2, I chaulked up a $1400 fine and 6 mths of the road in NSW. (it didn't apply in Vic) It certainly took the shine outa buying the bike.
    And it slowed me right down.
    It maybe possible you need a change of bike. (i'm not saying it is)
    But , right now, the best advise I could give you is, Try some Vanilla whipped Cream with your humble pie.
  5. bummer did you get done on the way up to lake mountain then?
  6. Yeah go done on the way to eildon on the maroondah highway until that I was having a great time.
  7. Mmmmm well maybe do what I have known a few folk to do...just do track days.
    I have to be honest and say that only luck has stopped me from getting pinged in cars AND thus far on the Zeddee.
    I guess I do pick my moments to throttle the throttle as well and usually a law enforcement officer would have to abseil in to set up a camera wherevI give Zeddee a giddyup or they'd have to be sniffing my butt and if you don't ever check your mirrors to see what might be tailing you...too bad I guess.
    Don't give up...yet...just try and pick your moments and maybe ride with a group of mixed level riders for a while to crank it back a bit or...what I do to relax my right wrist is concentrate on other aspects of my riding corner angle, set up etc...just a suggestion.
    Bummer and ouch!
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  8. I don't want you to think that I am some crazy rider that speeds at every opportunity. I have a young family and I am not reckless I know what I doing I just cannot and will not put myself in danger while overtaking I prefer minimum time over the wrong side of the road and forsaking keeping to the speed limit
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  9. mmm yeah it's a bit straight along there and its tempting to twist the throttle to make the straight less boring
  10. Mate its Russian Roulette, they appear at random.Maybe you need a slower bike sorry to say. Or stay in 1st gear only.Whats that on the BMW,130 still.
    What I am finding hard to take lately is I am really careful in the bunch I ride in, try to be reasonable in the long 80k bits without any bends when others seem so carefree banging along at 30 over without a care in the world. I dont know whats more painful, tootling along constantly paranoid or just tagging along with the group and taking what comes.
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  11. I gotta say, you do the crime you do the time. We're all aware of the limits and the penalties associated with speeding. If I get pinged so be it. I won't love it, nobody does, but unless there are extenuating circumstances I won't challenge it.

    If the need for speed is that strong, as OldmaidOldmaid said, maybe track days or even a dedicated track bike is in order ;)
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  12. I feel for you re getting done while overtaking, and even then you well could have been way more than 130 for a bloody good reason.Get the pass over nice and quick. And then tonight I see 4 or 5 fatals on the news, good weather, straight roads and they still cannot stop running into each other.There seems to be heaps of just plain hopeless types in control of vehicles.
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  13. i appreciate the feedback from all, obviously i got caught and this is my misfortune. As for the suggestions of track days I have done a couple of which the last one was in Jan and plus superbike schools. I just need to re-evaluate if I enjoy riding on the road with the constant fear / harassment of speed cameras, police cameras, traffic light cameras. But as long as I stick the speed limit I can wear singlet, shorts and thong with stupidly loud exhaust and this is acceptable and safe.
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  14. Why not try a smaller front cog, even 1 tooth down will "drop" your top speed, i.e. you'll have to rev harder to do the same speed as prior to the change. So if you ride by the sound of your motor, you'll automatically be a fraction slower. Plus it doesn't hurt getting off the line, but will affect economy a tad.
  15. That's not the solution.

    Well, it's not my version of the solution, anyway.

    My version is to ride a 125 cc two-stroke. Flat out, in sixth, it might just go slightly faster than your BMW goes in first gear.

    But, you have to seriously work at riding the thing, while your BMW isn't even trying until you get up in the "goodby licence" numbers.

    Would it work for you? Dunno...<shrug>
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  16. No, that's legal.
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  17. Just get a dedicated track bike, sell the BMW and purchase something less sporty for the road. When I get another road bike that's the path I'll take. The reality is your barely ticking over in 2nd at that speed whereas if you got a Duck scrambler or the like it's a lot harder to just twist the throttle and gain 50km/h. Yet through the twisties if you can steer you'll keep up with your mates on their R1s etc with a smile on your dial which will be hard to remove.
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  18. Pretty much along the lines of what most are saying. Not to come across as a pensioner, but having a licence is a privilege & not a right. As such you agree & are therefore bound to use the road as instructed. If the speed demons have got you that bad, then work 'em out on track days. Yes, I nail it when I overtake too & lucky enough not to have been caught (yet!). But as Clint Eastwood once sang: you gotta know when to hold em', know when to fold 'em.:p
  19. Yeah you should definitely give it away. To ease the burden of transition I'll give you $5000 and a $100 Dick Smith voucher for your s100rr.
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  20. Our condolences Union8Union8 ... looks like there was a birthday happening as well? Bummer.
    Tell me, re: pic uploaded you were on a group run? If so where were they in your moment of need? Last time I was way-layed in this fashion by highway patrol (around Tamworth, renowned area for targeting bikers of jap origin & suited up) my riding partner stopped. She'd seen it all from the back end & we had it out on the highway. Caveat wingnut backed off big time given there was a reliable witness & that's just the tip of this ever persistent saga.
    Were operating two off ... unmarked 4WD forcing motorists off the road, overtaking on the left then booking motorists for not giving way to the left etc etc ... you've all probably been there ?:)?!!!!!
    Ironic thing is we just did a Val. day run yesterd'y arvo up to my FAV pig-outery (Homage). Maybe the deconstructed lemon meringue sample will take your mind off the demerit points. On the return run after a languid & gastronomic long lunch we hit the Warrego just out of Marberg. Sitting on 100-105 kph we were over taken by no less than 100 vehicles within 20 mins. Some occupants right off their proverbials ... like forced to dodge a BJ* on one occasion :yuck::spitoutdummy::censored:
    Not one of them detained (the drivers i.e. not the joints)
    Not a camera in sight.
    No sign of highway patrol m/c or 4 wheeler, marked or unmarked.
    Murphy's effin' law.

    Go figure

    *bogarted joint

    Deconstructed Lemon meringue (1328 x 747).