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Thinking of purchasing a CBR400RR, advice please.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AznCruiser, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Ended up buying an Aprilia RS 125, advice please.

    Hi All, Im thinking of purchasing a CBR400RR. Im still on my P’s and currently riding a cruiser so wont be riding the bike on normal roads but will at some stage be taking it to the track and register it once im off restrictions.

    -Can I ride a non LAMS/rego bike to somewhere like Eastern Creek (in the super slow group)?
    -Is this a good bike to learn off coming from a cruiser instead of going straight to a 600cc /675cc machine that im aiming for in the future?
    -This is a private seller so the bike could go at any time. Is this bike friendlier to midgets like myself compared to something like an R1/R6?
    -I know the RVF400 is LAMS friendly but is also 4 times more than this bike. I don’t really want to bin a $8-10k RVF on the track and don’t want to buy a dedicated track bike.
    -Im not a warp speed freak and more interested in learning how to go around corners properly. I know that 600cc bikes will decimate the CBR400 in the top speed department but how does it compare to newer 600cc bikes around corners?
    -Are there any mechanical things to look for/aware of when buying the bike?
    -Finally what do you guys think, should I go:
    XVS650 -----> CBR400RR -----> 600/675 or
    XVS650 -----> 600/675
  2. I'll answer the last question since thats something i can do...

    XVS650 -----> 600/675

  3. I think I was looking at the same bike Az. Toying with the idea of a cheap Tracky.
    Had a ball out at Eastern Creek today.
  4. Seconded. If you want to use it for the road later you might as well go for a non-grey import 600 class bike. hey are plentiful and cheap, especially if you find one out of rego.

    I'm not sure about the CBR, but many Japanese market 400 models are just capacity reduced versions of the bigger models because of the licence tiers over there. So you should be fine with a 600, which is quite light.

    Can you ride the non LAMs/rego bike TO the track?

    Almost certainly not, on both counts. You can get a day permit for an unregoed vehicle, but I've only done it in Vic with a new bike. Check the RTA website for that sort of info unless someone who knows chimes in.

    Even then, if it's not a LAMs bike it's a fair question that it might be a loophole if it's unreg on a permit, but putting it to the test might be a pain.

    In short, IMO: 600, and trailer it to the track.
  5. I would advise against riding the bike to the track. Buy a dedicated track bike and trailer it there and back. If you crash while there you won't be able to get back home and will need it towed home (=$$$$$$$$)

    Also, no you certainly cannot ride it to the track if it's unrego'ed and you're on a restricted license (well, legally...). Riding an unrego'ed bike is a $1032 (don't forget the fine for riding a bike you're unlicensed to ride) and you will need it towed home as they will not let you ride it off after handing you the fine. Riding an unregistered anything is also a very poor idea as if shit happens (it does occasionally) you WILL be fined and you are liable for any damage you do to anyone and anything. Damages can run into the hundreds of thousands and can result in you having to declare bankruptcy which will totally **** your credit history.

    You can also be caught quite easily with new rego plate reading cop cars and also ALL traffic cameras now cross-reference your plate with the RTA to check if it's rego'ed. Go through any one of the billion 'safety' cameras the ****heads at the RTA have sprung up all over the place over the limit and you'll be caught out.
  6. to the track, highly doubt it, at the track, yes
    depends why you want it. If you want to learn how to corner, yes it will help. though I'm not certain if you will have a large advantage over a 600. You will probably learn quicker on a 400 because you can't just belt it down straight lines and then stop it in corners as much as you will be able to on a 600. Imo, the ultimate tool would be a 125 or 150 two stroke. They are all about corners.
    There are very very few cbr400's around. so few that spares will be very hard to come by. Other cheap 400 options are vfr's or zxr's. There are several vfr's still going around and a few zxr's if you really try and look.
    How long is your string? If you're not a warp speed freak, cbr125's will corner faster than your 400 with you on it. I don't think the cbr is as front end agressive and the vfr's are which will make them a tad slower to steer, but handling should be fine.

    Look, if you really want something to learn to corner and corner properly on, get yourself a sports two stroke. 125 or 250. Dont underestimate the 125, I witnessed trent embarrass several riders of larger bikes on the weekend. 400's are more like fast 250's than slow 600's. or like heavy two stroke's. Your learning curve will be much steeper on one of these than it will on a 6xx.

    I've got a vfr400 and I'm happy to give you a test ride on it at some point to see what they're like if you're interested.

    Oh, and slicks wont do jack for you on the circuit.
  7. You probably were Finn....great price wasnt it? From the advice I think ill take myself out of the running.

    Sorry wrong wording there. I meant ride "at" the track and not "to" the track. I could probably just wack it on a friends trailer which would be a top idea.

    I had a gander at them too actually, but most of the examples is even more expensive than this particular 400 ($1,800). An Aprilia RS125 would be at the top of my list.

    Thanks for the offer but I try not to ride anyone elses bikes or cars for that matter.
  8. Really, name one.

    Every 400 I'm familiar with was designed from scratch as a 400, with a 250 variant often being produced from the same engine/frame. With the sportier models like the CBR, GSXR, ZXR, it was actually the 400cc that came out first, larger models followed later (but really only shared basic styling). Since there's no market for 600s in Japan, and very little market for 400s outside of Japan, there's no sense in having any commonality between the two classes.
  9. Suzuki SV400 (650 elsewhere)

    Yamaha SR400 (500 elsewhere)

    Honda GL400 (CX500 elsewhere)

    Honda GB400 (another 500 elsewhere)

    At least some of those were/are reduced cc version of bigger capacity bikes.

    I said I wasn't sure about the CBR, meaning that it might be worth checking. I recall now that the early ones were the first with the REV (aka early V-TEC) top end, so it's probably much like the the RVF as an original 400.

    Plenty of models have been downsized over the years.
  10. Those are all 500s or 650s - not 600s. Also all single/twin cylinder, not parallel-4s.

    In the case of supersports the trend seems to have been to first release a 400cc version, followed by a 250. Yamaha/Suzuki tended to then make a 750cc version (the maximum allowable capacity in Japan), from which 600 and 1000cc export versions were developed. Honda seems to have skipped the 750 option and just gone straight for export with the CBR900, which was later followed by the 600 (much like Suzuki did later with the RF900/600).

    Sporty 400s are best considered a more powerful 250, rather than a scaled down 600.
  11. Or like heavy two strokes. :angel:

  12. Thanks for the advice guys and especially on the corner craver 125 advice. Ive had more looks this morning and found, and bought an APRILIA RS125 MY04 for $1800. Its out of rego, has been serviced 7 months ago, but a dead battery and needs new reeds. Its a punt in the dark really since I wasnt able to ride or even start her up. Ill get my mechanic to have a thorough look over and fix anything that needs fixing and get her regoed up hopefully by next week. In the long term ill get my friend to give her a fresh new paint (red or white).

    Hopefully the bike doesnt need a full rebuild. Its a punt but as in life you sometimes need to take chances, cross your fingers and hope for the best.


    Some pics from the ad.
  13. Congrats Az.
    Hope it all works out well mate. Can't wait to see it in the flesh.
    Sorry, I can't help you with a trailer.
  14. No worries mate, cant wait to take this baby out, will be a huge change from a cruiser. Hows the other ad going? are you thinking of getting it?
  15. That's little ripper. Good for the money too, if it's in good order.

    You might even fit a 400/450 single into it...
  16. Toying with the idea. There's somewhere else that I would like to pour the money that I don't have. I just need to make a decision on that one.
  17. Congrats! Here's my gift:

  18. Hahahah nice once, my cruiser might get jealous though. Being a hot headed Italian, my Aprilia probably doesnt want big bad cruiser hand me downs and wants to be treated like a princess with her own new sig :angel:
  19. If you don't know a mechanic that can thoroughly do race reps and 2T's talk to harley at RB Racing. He's at tarren point which is a treck, but he won't let you down.