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Thinking of next bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HeavyNinja, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. I am never sure if I post in right part of forums. I am still on my L's and have to have r-e for 12mnths but already shopping for the bike I will upgrade to when confident on the ninja 300. I assume we all do this when new hahahaha. I am thinking of a Kawasaki ZX6R (636). It looks great, seems to go hard and given the roads around here it would be a nice ride. I could actually ride it before my 12mnths is up, I just have to display l plates and be supervised by someone with open licence etc. Maybe I should concentrate on getting my r-e then shop, but can't help it.

  2. There's always something newer or betterer just around the corner so I'd suggest wait till you get unrestricted.
  3. yeah, like BerekBerek says, there'll be several that'll catch your eye between now and getting your full licence. research them all and get your shopping list ready, then it's test ride time.

    the dealers will love you coming in as you will be ready to spend!
  4. Yeah I know there is a lot to take in. I have looked at a few. My limit on a bike will be 14k of which I will have $6-7000 of my own money, will have to finance rest as I am not trading the 300. So I am in the 600cc super sport catergory. I could get something used that is bigger, but for my first big purchase I want to go new. I looked at CBR600RR and the yamaha r6, but the ninja still comes out on top. Mind you I have a year to worry about it.
  5. When u get your full license don't buy a 600cc bike until u have tested a 1000cc one. A litre bike is easier to ride. More power and torque and less changing gears and chasing revs to get power from it. The 600cc bikes u mentioned are Terrible road bikes, I wouldn't touch them
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  6. For that money look at the Daytona 675 R, best speced bike for that price in that category I think.
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  7. Geez that daytona sounds sexy. That whistle is almost enough to buy one hahahahaha.
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