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Thinking of going to the Tassie Toy Run?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ezyryder, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Can you possibly PM me if you are seriously considering going to Tassie for their Toy run this year - they are having troubles securing a date due to securing a public permit. At this stage they want to hold it on 9 Dec but pressure from the usual quarters i.e. lawmakers, is pushing this back to 18th Nov. If enough mainland folk show an interest in the original date and are thinking of going, it may help their case.

    Thanks heaps :cool:
  2. ...mmmkay, thanks for no response - no-one considering going? Let me know if you are - this may actually benefit you i.e. Dec date instead on Nov 18th as planned...The more support shown, the better chance they have of showing a reason for having it when it usually/should be. Post reply here or PM me - even if it is a friend who is not on NR but is thinking of going - don't need personal details, just numbers of people that are fairly certain of going...
  3. Maybe so but I would've thought the Tas riders would be onto this - and would probably have more info than I do - I'm just trying to assist the Toy Run organisers there with a case for keeping it on the original date. If there is a few mainland riders aiming to go, then numbers (amount) of riders may help them in their battle thru red tape.
  4. Haven't heard of any flack over the date, I thought 17 Dec was set??

    I'll ask around tho. Insurance is an issue every year, hard to get sponsorship in a backward economy like Tas. It attracts nearly 80% of all reg'd bikes in the state, plus visitors, public turn out in droves to watch (even in the rain) but the gum'nt wont help. Typical.

  5. Can they make it Sept 2nd, I'll be in Tassie then :p
  6. I will be going to the Hobart Toy run...but wait..I live here, so that's my only choice!..:)
  7. I think you'll find that's old info, plus the contact person has changed, AFAIK. I know how tricky it can be with insurance etc, having sat on committees for M/C events numerous times. Hopefully there should be an answer soon - aprt from anything, I'd like to book my trip back to my home state to catch up with folk!
  8. I can safely say there will be a toy run of some sort... cos even if not approved/sanctioned/allowed as an "official" run, a bloody lot of bike riders will just happen to meet at the Derwent entertainment centre anyway :cool:

    No good being the 2nd Vic, unless you can take your bike as hand luggage :eek:
  9. Yep it's the old info.
    Iv'e asked many in different states when it is, no reply or the emails bounce.
    I emailed the toy run editor and have been told they are still waiting on people to let them know the NEW updated info, so they can update the site.

    Come on organizers of Toy Runs email them you new dates, times and contact details :grin:
  10. From todays Sunday Misery... err Mockery... dooh Mercury

    To paraphrase...., Some bean counter decided to save a few thousand by in Police overtime by combining the ToyRun and Christmas pageant, but neglected to keep all parties properly informed. They also seem to have neglected to factor in the near 3/4 million dollars the toy run generates.
    The result is possibly two toyruns, one official but possibly under-attended, another angry non-sanctioned "protest" toy run that will cause more division in the road using community, will do nothing to help the Salvo's charity, & will put all future toy runs in this state in jeopardy.
    Letter writing begin!!!! I ask all taswegians, and other interested partys please please write to the pollies and papers. We need to get the public on our side for once, and this is the ideal oportunity.

    A PERMIT mix-up may result in a disorganised, free-for-all version of the toy run this year.
    The charity event's organiser, the Motorcycle Riders Association, has received abusive phone calls from riders over a problem with dates and permission to hold the annual event, which has led to widespread confusion.

    It was believed many would still ride with or without safety arrangements by police.

    This could result in traffic control problems and road rage from other drivers.

    At worst, there could be an accident, with an ambulance unable to get through the heavy traffic of thousands of uncontrolled riders, the MRA said yesterday.

    Former MRA Tasmania vice-president Mark Hines said many riders booked accommodation a year in advance and had told the MRA to "get stuffed" over the suggestion by police to move the event from early December to November 18.

    Mr Hines was outraged that moving the event date effectively ended the 25-year history of the toy run -- one of the biggest charity runs in Australia.

    It was reported yesterday that Tasmania Police sent a letter dated March 9 to the MRA advising it to make an application for a permit to run the event and to discuss possible dates.

    A letter was received but the MRA said there was no mention of permits, only route reviews, and policing and traffic issues.

    Organisers received a second letter dated July 7 and scheduled a meeting with police for July 26.

    They said police postponed it to August 2 and at that meeting the MRA was told if December 16 or 17 was not appropriate, then November 18, Hobart Christmas pageant day, was the option.

    The reason was that police needed to consider staffing and overtime issues and were looking to combine major events.

    With some reluctance, the MRA agreed to the changed date and expected an event permit to be issued that week.

    A month later, it has still not been received.

    Mr Hines said if the initial letter had detailed major changes, they would have acted on it.

    He said given the event's long history, the preferred weekend of riders should have been granted.

    Now, with no permit and confusion over the date, the MRA says it's simply too late to organise the toy run properly.

    Last year it generated $700,000 in accommodation and more than $43,000 in petrol sales, plus money spent on food and entertainment as well as charity gifts.
  11. *sigh*...ah well I might as well just go down anyway and enjoy the roads I know and love, and hopefully there'll be a Toy Run at the same time - what a shame it got to this :(
  12. Can't believe what I've just read, I am so disgusted. What a load of political crap. I thought it was all about getting kids toys who'd otherwise would miss out at Xmas. This is just sad. So much for making teh world a better place.

    I did the 2003 Toy run and it was one of the greatest experiences of my riding life. The people who sit on the ride side the whole way, the kids who run out to give you more toys at lights, the people who clap/ cheer you on your way into Hobart. It’s just amazing and it above all it's there to help the poor kiddies.

    Some days I just can't believe I am part of such a crappy world.