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thinking of getting a Kawasaki ninja 250r 2008

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by zero, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    As the subject states, I’m thinking of buying a Kawasaki ninja 250r 2008 as my first bike.

    I’ve had a friend strongly suggest not to go for any bike that has fairings as its more than likely that it will be dropped and cost alot to fix.

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts an opinions are on this were

    Also if anyone has a rough estimate on how much it would cost to replace fairings


  2. Topic has been covered a million times.

    If you want a faired bike, get one. I hated naked bikes so my first was faired. It did get dropped, but hey, its the choice I made.
  3. I'm in the same position and I know I'll regret getting a naked bike so I think im gonna go faired for my first aswell :grin:
  4. yea i agree i prefer the look of the faired bikes just wanst sure how much it would cost to replace them thats all.
  5. The fairing doesn't necessarily get damaged. I dropped mine (first and last time - unless I fully crash it) while doing some slow speed slalom (it's a CBR250RR) and the fairing didn't get touched. Though, the clutch leaver broke and the engine cover on that side got a mark, plus the carbies flooded.

    The thing that puts me off the Ninja 250 (2008) is that it's a twin cylinder engine. I rode a twin today (Suzuki GS500F) and I now know they ain't for me.

    I recommend you check out the Honda CBR250RR as a comparison, so you know the differences (even though one is 17 or less years old).

    But, the Ninja 250 does look cool.
  6. make sure you get oggys fitted before you pick it up. should be able to do a deal! swing arm spools are good too.
  7. ZX2R is a 4 banger. Other options: FZR250, Across, Baby blade...
  8. Yea I looked at them but I’m told most of the cbr250rr's are absolutely thrashed and I live in SA which is damn hard to find a 2nd hand Lerner bike.
  9. Look in the interstate papers and factor in the cost of a plane ticket. :wink:
  10. i prefer letter opener, they are hardly a 'blade
    :p :p
  11. More like paper. Can cut you- if you're a clutz.
  12. its your money, and at what im hearing is $7500 ride away... ALOT of your money

    dont spend it on something you dont like..
  13. im getting it since its one of the best looking 250 bikes out there, plus the resale value should be good
  14. If you can afford it, get the brand new ZXR250. They look sweet as, they have the unbreakable GPX engine in it. And insurance should be cheap!!

    As for the "You'll drop it" comments - don't think it and it won't happen. You'll either want to keep your shiny new bike shiny and new for as long as possible to get the best possible resale price, or you won't give a crap about it, leave it out in the weather uncovered, never wash it, be late for servicing, thrash it as often as possible, etc, etc, etc...

    Get a Black one - they look better in the sun than the red!!!!
  15. Get a GPX new. they should be getting cheap since the new model ninjas coming out. its semi faired, less plastic to break. and the fairings on it are pretty strong, they tend to flex instead of shatter. in my experience anyway.
  16. yes its a nice bike i can afford it so im pretty sure the deposit will go down the second i sit on it....

    i looked at zxr250 but the dealers in SA are asking 8.5k- 9k ride away so stuff that the ninja 250r looks better IMHO and I've had a quote for under 7k Ride away... as for colour black is a given or tho i did want green :(

    its a light bike only about 155kg dry so i doubt i will drop it plus if im paying 7k for it i will more then likely throw myself beneath it before it hits the ground.
  17. zxr250? whats that?
  18. ZRX250 like the old 4 cyclinder early 90's?