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Thinking of getting a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by scottyob, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. G'Day all,

    I'm very seriously thinking about getting my first motorbike (if I can finally convince my mum not to murder me when I do so.) I'll be brief. I know absolutely nothing about them other then the fact that they look like a ball to ride! :D. I guess the bikes I like are mainly that way because of esthetics.

    I've seen the stickies about what to look out for when buying your first bike, but probably like the idea of buying a new bike for my first one (just a small cheepie) then not having to worry about condition or if it 'feels' right or anything that might be wrong with it (considering I've never rode before and have no idea how it's supposed to feel.)

    The main question is what kind of bike I should be looking out for. I'm 170cm tall, but am only about 53kg, so would a heavy bike just be too much for me to handle? (Nooot very strong at all I am.) I love the look at the little CBR125's, but have read that these might not be good if I'm ever on a road, say from Sydney to Uni in Wollongong where the speed limit gets up to 100k/h. I don't indend to do the trip much, but it'd be nice to feel I can be safe on such a bike until I upgrade a few years down the track.

    The other nice factor about the CBR125 was it's price tag, just above $4k (although, the look of it has mainly got me)

    What do you guys think of the 250 Ninja? It's a little more expensive (up around the $7-8k mark, but I'd probably be happy to save for a few more months if the CBR is a strong no no.

    I don't want to just rush in and buy one at this stage, so I'm still just taking on advice, and any would be appreciated.


  2. Dont know if its possible for you, but source a cheap trailie bike or something first, spend a bit of time in the dirt and get your skills up that way.

    Not everyone can afford to / want to, but i found as soon as i got into roadbikes most of my drops/wobbles/clutch problems etc i had ironed out in my dirt travels.

    Dont worry, im only 58kg (lost 9kg since stopped going to gym D:) and i can handle most bikes ok. (most >_>) You get natural strength.

    If youve never been on the bike before, i guess a CBR125 would be ok. I see them as a waste tbh, you will want to upgrade before you know it. (ive had my VTR 2 months and i already want something with more POWAH)

    And the ninjas, unless you have the cash to burn, get a ZZR (or the VTR, golden starting bike. Naked = cheaper if you drop too!, has a nice torque curve for noobies as well). The ZZR is cheaper, and although less shiny, performance wise is not far from the ninja.
  3. I hear the Honda Spada (VT250) - (which was the model before the VTR 250) - is a great bike for learners too. Not too heavy and they are cheaper than many VTR/ZZR/CBR's.

    *Whistles innocently*
  4. The VTR Honda has a very strong following on the boards - its a great little bike. Of the Kawasakis, the recently superseded GPX might be the better buy than its more upmarket sibling the ZZR. Production ran in parallel for years with the only difference a few more luxury appointments on the ZZR and a bigger price tag. Don't discount a traillie either. Some models have more of a road bias and make a very competent road bike.
    I've had a Yamaha Scorpio and if its really cheap commuting you want in a new or near new bike, then it can't be be beaten.
  5. Welcome to netrider :)

    From my experience, having a CBR125 and having done that trip to wollongong and back twice (never again..) I wouldn't recommend it. Especially as a learner/p plater, at 80km/h (and hitting 100-110 in some areas with cars still overtaking me) it's pretty much hell. Took me about 2/2.5 hours from Chatswood to Gong.

    They look good, they are a fantastic city commuter (which is what I mainly use it for) but if you're going to frequent a freeway I wouldn't get the CBR125. Unsure about 250's, the Ninja seems like a nice bike but I haven't ridden one, i'll let the others put in their recommendations :)
  6. I would personally recommend a GPX, I have a 1995 model and it's great bike for a learner. I have been riding since early May this year and the GPX has offered more as my skills have increased, without scaring me too much early on. I am 5 foot 7 and weigh in at less than 65kg, but the GPX is light enough for me to handle and has a good seat height.
  7. Wow, Thanks all for your swift replies. This really is an alive community :D

    I don't think I'd like to hop around on a dirt bike before moving to a road bike, I know it'd probably be a lot better for me, I guess it just doesn't appeal.

    I'll agree with you on the fact that they do look good nick, that's probably why I'm so in love with them! :D hehe. I'm pretty surprised to find someone who knows the exact road I'm talking about! I'm actually from Campbelltown myself, so don't take the Princess Highway and go past Apin (I think you'd have had 110/120k roads?) I take it the little CBR hates Mt. Ousley? I live on campus, so I'd only be doing it once every few weeks I think, but if it struggles and I do occasionally want to be on these roads, maybe I should be looking at something with a tad more grunt?

    I've seen a few of the Honta VTRs around uni actually, and I must admit, they don't look as nice as the CBR's. I was thinking if I could put up with a 125 while learning, I could always move up to a 600 CBR after then it'd kind of feel the same??

    Do they still make the ZZR's in a 250 model? I found the 600 on their web site, but that might be a tad expensive for a 1st bike for an unexperienced user?

    You wouldn't happen to be thinking about selling your CBR would ya nick? :p
  8. do it, best thing ever, the feeling on the bike is just awesome
  9. I'm from Balgownie, and I didn't try Mt Ousley, I went up Bulli pass because I wasn't sure it would make it :p It's only 80 so it should be OK getting up those hills, it will just struggle a fair bit. I took the freeway, maybe Apin way would be easier, i'm not sure. :) You do weigh a little less than me too, so maybe it wont struggle as much, I'm ~70kg.

    Not that I'm counting, but I'm upgrading to http://www.flickr.com/photos/ntriantafillou/2897538832/ in 41 days 12 hours. So yes, by then I would be looking at selling. If you can wait that long.. though I don't expect you to :grin:
  10. They don't still make ZZR-250s... the Ninja 250R is the current equivalent.

    Don't buy new if you can avoid it - you will drop your bike and cry. Unfortunately the LAMS bike market in Sydney is a bit crazy atm with petrol prices + summer, but used is still probably better value than new.
  11. Ummm No.
    They both might have CBR in the name, but the difference between a CBR125 and any of the CBR600's you can't imangine.

    I went from a ZZR to a ZX-6R and the difference is a lot more than you might think.
    I'll second the opion of the VTR250, Spada, ZZR and GPX comments. Everything I've heard about a 250 Ninja is good as well, seeing as it's only got a different head on it to the ZZR/GPX your not going to kill it with an axe.
    Personaly, if your going to get out of the city, get a 250. But I woundn't recomend a CBR125 to a learner
  12. Funny I hear the Honda VT250F was a good bike too, predecessor to the Spada and vtr250. :p
    Cheaper than both of other vt250.... etc
  13. Thats funny. I heard the Spada's were pretty good bikes as well. Oh.. and isn't there one for sale somewhere around here.....

  14. Wow that bike looks soooooo beautiful. I know what the others have said and I've been looking at them all night now but the CBR's just look very cool. Are they comfortable? (although, I'll probably only be riding on every few weekends not for an extended period of time.) I think I can wait that long :). PM me the details if you're interested in selling it to me would ya :)
  15. when I was shopping for a LAMS bike I just bought the most powerful commonly available bike, which was the Suzuki GS500. Basically your learner bike's good looks aren't going to mean much when you are being blown away by everything else on the road in an 80 zone. Like others have said the measly 13hp cbr will get old really quickly :wink:
  16. personally i wouldn't get either of those bikes (they are both sh1t :)

    think about it this way - your going to have a stack at some point.

    get something second hand and save your $
  17. I never had any problems with power on my cbr250. it was quick enough to speed, it was great on the twisties and I can even pop wheelies (little onez)
    wat I wanted was something nicer looking.

    Get this :p

  18. *droooools* I doooo love the look of that bike... BUT, I think it's a bit too expensive for me, hehe. *admires for a tad longer*
  19. RS125. its LAMS :D
  20. erewego, may i suggest edit the pics so its not 5 times the size of the average PC screen? (down to 640x480 or something) before the mods delete it :wink:

    you need to learn to ride you're VTR first mate. i've done nearly 35,000km in 7 months on my VTRs, and im still learning how to ride. do you beat 600s and 1000s in the twisties? i do :twisted:

    then i get to a straight road and its game over... :LOL:

    back to the OP, why are you thinking? just get a bike! :grin: i cannot reccomend the VTR250 enough, theyre an amazing bike to learn on. so comfortable, ive ridden 879km in a day on one. fuel economy is amazing, $17 to fill up gets me 300km-ish. the torque is great in traffic as it is in the hills. it handles so well in traffic, it is the ultimate commuter. its a sexxy naked bike, which will be ALOT cheaper to insure for a learner, as it is naked. it holds it's value for resale very well.

    just take your time hunting for bikes, keep your eyes open, and wait for a bargain. if i sell before putting on too many km's on this VTR, i will be selling for more than i bought it for, and wont have trouble getting it :wink:

    oh, and make sure you have around $2k+ to spend on gear. you can have the best bike in the world, but without the right gear, a crash is still gonna hurt, alot. get some cow :cool:

    enjoy the ride!