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Thinking of ditching the R1 for a trackbike, whatchu think?!?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sheeth, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. After my first track day a few weeks ago my perception of riding has really had a shift. I hear the racetrack calling and really want to get into track riding as a regular thing.

    To put it short, rather than thrash my bike on the track and then still have to rely on it for my everyday transport, (I don't have a car.) I was thinking of swapping it for 2 bikes.

    My current bike: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=116094

    A 600 track bike like this: (like this http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Yamaha-R6-race-bike-/140505618574?pt=AU_Motorcycles&hash=item20b6c9988e)

    And an old banger for getting around, hopefully good enough to hit the twistys too, a street fighter kind of thing.

    SOOOOOOO What do you guys think? good idea or bad!?
  2. ^^ Well, if you have the $$ then go for it. I have just my bike up for sale as I'm looking at buying something for both the track and road that has a bit of gut's.
    I will be getting a dedicated tracky later in the year and after I test rode and R1 and R6 this week, I couldn't handle commuting on either but could most definitely have one for the track.
  3. Sounds like a good idea to me! I've probably only done about 500km on my road bike in the last 6 months.

    The track is such a better place to ride sports bikes. I do plan on keeping a roadbike but once I sell my current one (also an R1) it definately won't be another superbike.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, Ive found a few good tackies to learn on for about 5, and some road bikes i could live with for about the same. It really just means of got to get of my ass and try and sell the beast.

    I think i'll sit out these next 2 track days on the R1, and contemplate some more, I think the idea is sound though!
  5. I agree.
  6. If you're planning on selling the bike, I wouldn't risk taking her to the track and binning it.
    All your plans have gone down the drain then
  7. Thats a good point Sinner, but I want to keep learning, so I need to keep going to the track. If i bin it I am effed though arnt I?

  8. Roll with the punches, Sheeth. As long as you're not financially 'hurt' (and yourself, more importantly!) if something untoward was to occur, then do what you feel buddy.

    Having 2 bikes (one road, one track) is exactly the reason why I added a 2nd to my 'garage'. Though soon, the GSXR will be made track-only, unless I receive a reasonable offer from someone after a clean, trackless (to date) bike. I agree with above sentiments/thoughts. A sportsbike is better suited to track, for those specifically aiming to 'improve' their riding in a fast, more user friendly environment.

    A trackie for around 5g's sounds like a great start, dude.
    Best of luck
  9. Ive been thinkin the same
    Motard for the road with a second set of tires when i wana go off road and plenty fun in the twisties.
    And a dedicated track bike for around 5k lookin for a 600 set up already to go.
    I would probably keep my rs125 such a great little bike and wouldnt really get much if i sold it.
    I reckon its a great idea
  10. Makes great sense having two bikes for 2 different applications. Just to add further (I'm sure you've already considered it) Transporting the bike to the track requires, Car + trailer or ute....
  11. Yeah though of that last point, Ive got access to a car but would need to buy a trailer.

    A lot of thinking going on in my noggin right now!
  12. If you bin the current r1 on the track, and providing it's not a complete mess, and since you won't have insurance, guess what is going to be you track bike.

    Throw some blanks on it, paint her up and get it going for the track. It's worthless for the road at that point.
  13. keep the R1 and just save up for a trackbike?
  14. I agree with Snowman, based on my course of action/experience.

    Save the 5 g's you mentioned Sheeth. Tracks bikes will be falling out of the sky, calling your name, when you're ready to buy dude....there are HEAPS for sale in this price range, some significantly less.

    You've built your immac R1 from the ground up mate..don't allow yourself any unplanned misfortune. The ~5k you'll spend will be a wise investment...and cost saving exercise in the long run.

  15. Its good advice guys what can i say!

    The only issue with Snowman's idea year I'm heading to Europe later in the year, so my savings this year, (unless the cash situation improves before then) are going towards that.

    Hence my idea to convert the funds in the R1 to a cheapish roady and a track bike.

    But of course after everything I've been though with this bike I'm not super happy to get rid of it.

    Do you guys recon maybe getting the track gear and doing the conversion (fairings, lights etc) when going to the track?

    The only thing ill defiantly be doing is hitting the track one way or another. I have to be stubborn with that!
  16. Well, it's fairly easy to learn on the track without running 10/10ths. So you could use the current R1, for training and body strength, if you can keep it in your underwear. Hard to do when the 'ol testosterone is egging you on, and the competitive spirit starts kicking in.

    But it would give you a ride with a built in insurance factor (providing you don't make serious mistake)
    In the meantime you can save. (money)

    But fair warning, just a reminder, because I think you will know what I mean...it's very hard, not to run hard on the track, because you get caught up in the moment.
    You would have to be very watchful, and frosty to remain within that additional safety zone, by running at no more than say, 80%.
    I don't think 'i' could do it, and my partner has been there to remind me before every session!

    It went something like...'have a good session, but remember you have no insurance coverage here, so hold back a little - yep, no probs, I'll be careful - vroom, vroom, that bugger just got passed me, SH*t!, so did he! That's bullcrap! - red mist sets it. Brain goes dim, as senses wake up, throttle hand activates, and I'm running hard as I can, with all cautious thoughts, down the girggler!

    Can you resist? :))

  17. Thats some great advice raven. That was the plan with my last day at broadford, and will be my plan to the next 2 days I’ve got booked.

    Having said that there was a point in the day, hooning it out with another R1 that I pushed past 7 or 8 10ths and did give myself a little scare.

    So as long as Ive only got the one bike I guess I’ll have to really discipline myself, and keep up the idea of trying to improve my riding by trying different things rather than trying for the best lap times etc.

    Thanks again guys, this forum is full of champs
  18. That's my fear of track days :-O
  19. I did what you done mate. I've got a 2008 R1 which I've had since new and I love to death. I've taken it to the track a few times but was never riding the way I should. I always said to myself "take it easy" and I did but it was very hard to ride a machine like that at 80%. My riding wasn't improving because I was holding back and wasn't going fast enough for each corner etc etc. I took it off the track and saved up for a trackie and settled with a 2004 R6, I went from white to green in a matter of days. Now I can concentrate on my riding and trying to work through the errors I have and not worry about binning the bike. Now I'm riding at 85%, but green is still fast.

    Save up mate or sell the R1,
  20. You don't have to worry, Luke. You will have times where you forget and get all caught up in the action around your part of the track, but eventually a little light comes on.

    There's a few of us going to PI on Friday the 18th next week. Get in quick, and sign in for the green group...if you can. No pressure mate...just sayin', that's all...