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Thinking I need a major service...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cyrax, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. I have a 96 model GPX250, bought it from mick hone last december, it had 18300km on the clock, now it has 23000.

    I changed the oil and oil filter 2500km ago.

    It has been dropped twice that i know of, once while i've had it, and once before i bought it, so it's not in the best condition in the world, but it goes, I got it for $2600.

    The chain is dirty, i have been using the spray shell chain lube, haven't cleaned it since i got it.

    I want to get the major service done, which was meant to be at 20,000km, but not sure if i should go to kawasaki to get it done or just go to mick hone, cause that's where i bought it from.

    There is also a sound that goes away when i pull the clutch in, but comes back when in any gear, mainly 4, 5 and 6 cause the revs are lower and you can here it better, it is very faint though, sounds like... rubbing or something, hard to describe.

    Anyway, where should i get it serviced?
  2. I have now booked in with this guy pete in fitzroy for next saturday, i had it booked in with mick hone but now cancelled for him. I will let everyone know how it goes...
  3. ask him to fix your CD250 while your there !!!
  4. No way... I will tell you the story of how it died...

    I got it from a guy for $570 off ebay with a helmet and dririder jacket, at first it worked ok, then third gear started sounding a bit funny, like grinding a bit, so i went from 2nd to 4th from then on.

    Later on, 4th started doing the same thing, then 1st totally died, so i had to take off in 2nd, rev really hard and whip it up to 5th to keep going, i used it like that for about 2 months, then one fateful night, i was on my way home riding in 5th at about 60km/h when all of a sudden i lost drive and i could hear metal bits rattling underneath me, tried to change back to neutral but it was stuck in 5th and the wheels were both free moving.

    Pulled over and first thing i saw was black oil pouring out onto the ground and the chain was really loose... so i got my friend to tow me home using a rope, which was.. fun. So now she sits in the back of the garage.

    It lasted about 6-7 months though, so i think i got the money's worth out of it, plus i scored a jacket, and riding experience.
  5. holy shit. if thats how you treat your bikes it sounds like pete will have his work cut out for him next saturday !!!!!

  6. What you trying to say? :eek:

    This bike is different, I'm looking after it more, it's worth more, but it had damaged fairings when i got it.
  7. If I were you I'd do an apprenticeship as a bike mechanic cause it will save you a fortune!
  8. Yeah cyrax, If your bikes were your kids you'll be locked up for child abuse.
  9. It's not like it sounds... with the CD250, when i first heard the sound coming from 3rd gear, i did get it checked out straight away, but because i had only paid $570 for the bike, the cost of repairs would have exceeded the cost of the bike, so the recommendation was to ride it until it died (it already had 91000 on the clock when i bought it), so i did, still checked chain tension, kept it lubricated and changed the oil, all the routine stuff, but when it died the chain went loose, it wasn't loose before hand, maybe i didn't make it clear that i actually tried to save that bike, just didn't have money at the time.

    I'm looking after the GPX the best i can.
  10. lol no problemo :)